Some clients may wonder what we photographers do when we are board. Well we get a chance to get our creative juices flowing. So this week the photography community went viral with Twirl photos. It was a fun and new technique that you can do within Photoshop using pretty much any picture. We have a photography group in which we were sharing these fun photos with each other. I was so excited to try it on a few of my pictures previously taken for fun. It’s great for graphics purposes and I will use one on my Facebook because I love the look! Check out some of mine below. I included the before photo so you can see how we take an image that is simple and make the colors in to a twirl. There are so many different designs with each picture and the more color you have the more fun it is!

(Click on the image to enlarge)

Swirl Blue Flower BeforeAfter       Swirl Pink Flower BeforeAfter       Swirl Tree Sunset BeforeAfter

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