What a photo shoot! I am excited for the cooler weather and the temps are already starting to lower. As a Photographer I love the natural environment we have here in Arizona and will always take an outdoor shoot over an indoor one any day.

A little back story here – I had the opportunity to work with the Bell family early this year when I was just getting my website up and going. They were very supportive of my using their photos in my portfolio and trying out all kinds of fun poses so you can imagine how thrilled I was when I got to work with them a second time.

There is nothing better than when working with your clients feels like working with friends. When they arrived dressed to impress (which I love!) I knew it was going to be a beautiful shoot on the shadowed side of the mountain here in Northwest Phoenix.

Mika, who is now an entrepreneur herself, had little miss Mackenzy in a bright polka dotted dress to contrast well with the everyone’s black/white outfits. I couldn’t ask for a more perfect family to shoot!! I hope they enjoy their images as much as I do. Check out this preview below of the Bell Family’s images.

(click to enlarge)

Bell Family Collage - Logo  Big Sister Arms Cross - logo  Mackenzy Hand on Hip - logo

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