For those of you who know me you know I grew up in Dallas/Fort Worth Texas. One of the largest metroplex’s in the USA. Each year I am in Texas at least once if not more. So when I book my trip I love to reach out to everyone and extend my portrait photography services to the clients, family and friends there. In this case I was on my way out there for my good friend Melissa’s wedding to the love of her life (and my website designer) Jay. Melissa called me and realized she wanted to squeeze in a quick Bridal shoot before the wedding so she would have some beautiful images of herself in her wedding dress. Her idea was to use some of the photos at her reception. We called the Chapel, picked a perfect time of the day and set our for our session. With her flexibility she let me work my magic and try all kinds of shots throughout the Chapel and outside. Here is a brief preview of some of her images. She loved them and so did her guests! Enjoy!!

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