Stage Fright – The Common Fear of Photography – Phoenix

You’re standing there, alone or surrounded by loved ones, but you feel the focus is all on you. All of a sudden, you’re the target of the shooting and you start to feel very exposed.

Well, in this vulnerability, you’re not alone. I’ve worked with people from all walks of life: from fitness models and businesspersons to pregnant women and families. “Stage fright,” or discomfort in front of the camera, is more common than you think.

Emotional blocks can cause you to feel awkward and anxious when you’re standing in front of someone with a camera. For a new mom, her post baby body could make her feel self-conscious; for a businessperson, keeping a serious face could prove difficult.

How can you overcome these emotional blocks? Trust. My job as the photographer is to help support you and make you feel comfortable in front of the lens, whether you’re doing a family shoot, a boudoir shoot, or a serious shoot for business purposes.

Discussing, honestly and openly, your insecurities help me to understand your anxieties and together we can overcome them. Remember that this shoot is for and about YOU. If you want additional editing, don’t be afraid to speak up; if you know certain poses or environments that would make you feel more comfortable, let me know.

It’s my job to help you shake off those nerves, so feel free to share your suggestions and insecurities. Don’t let your anxieties rule the shoot or hold you back from capturing special moments!


Positive Affirmations for the Self-Conscious:

Angie McLean shared on her Facebook a few thoughts I found inspiring and encouraging for myself and anyone who finds themselves as the subject of a photo shoot:

  • When someone tells you that you’re beautiful, believe them. They aren’t lying.
  • For every woman unhappy with her stretch marks is another woman who wishes she had them.
  • You should definitely have more confidence. And if you saw yourself the way others see you, you would.
  • It’s okay to not love every part of your body…but you should.

Angie McLean Facebook Post


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