Everyone takes selfies these days. It’s so popular, that the Oxford English Dictionary adopted the made up word in November 2013. Fun fact: it was also word of the year in 2013. So of course, selfies are fun and mainstream, but are they right for you and your brand?

Let’s start with “the Bad and the Ugly.” Who can take a perfect selfie with the first shot…? Me neither. Most people end up spending 20 minutes taking 50 or so pictures before deciding which selfie is “perfect.” Even then, your picture is distorted. Large forehead, bug eyes, wide arms and the dreaded double chin seem to make an appearance in nearly every one, either all together or individually.

Let’s be real here, not many people still own or use a camera separate from their phone (unless your a photographer ;)). In return, selfies typically end up grainy in appearance, even with the highest resolution quality on your phone.

“The Good” is that selfies aren’t all bad. If you use Facebook or Instagram as a means for networking, an occasional selfie is a good way to add a personal touch or a “behind-the-scenes” look  and connect with people on that level.

(behind the scene photo of myself at event with my phone)It could be argued that taking a selfie is faster, but are you willing to sacrifice clarity, creativity, and color for instant gratification? Your average turn-around when working with a professional photographer is about 2 weeks. When you plan  your marketing strategies out ahead of time, you can make room for the professional photo shoot.

Here’s where I come in. Why take the time and spend the money to hire a professional photographer? Consider it an investment in your brand, an ideal way to heighten the outcome of your marketing.

As the photographer, I’m here to make you look good, to help you sell your brand. Think about your audience; what kind of attention are you wanting to attract? I can take what’s important to you and your brand and bring it out in your photo shoot. I’ll find the best lighting and most flattering angles.

Your stock images from the shoot will be high end, good quality, and professional in appearance.

Now what if you’re in fitness, a bodybuilder or personal trainer? A bathroom mirror selfie with a toilet in the background just wouldn’t be appealing on a business card.

Selfies in the fitness world could make people question whether or not your results are legitimate. It’s not as easy to properly depict your body, muscles, and definition in a selfie. Whereas with me, in a photography setting, I can capture your best assets and help you display what makes you stand out as a bodybuilder, personal trainer, or general fitness person.

When you work with me, I can shape the photographs around your expectations. Maybe you want props, like a whiteboard, computer, weights; or you’d like a wide angle shot to use as a banner for a website or Facebook; or you’d like wording or a brand message on the final copy of the photo. I can help you portray your brand in a professional manner.


Sessions available and customized to your specific business needs, company size and amount of images you would like. Click here to see a few session options – BUSINESS SERVICES

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Writer/Editor –  Crystal HollmanChelsie Cummings

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