When it comes to a company’s brand and/or marketing images, most organizations or business owners are in one of three categories: Brand Building, Re-Branding, or Brand Enhancement. This is why I offer specific Business Services.  At Crystal Clear Photography, I understand your need to keep your brand up-to-date and stay on top of your marketing.

To help you determine what you need, based on where you are with your brand, below is a more detailed explanation of the 3 categories.

The Brand Building Business

This is for the business owner who is starting up their business. If you’re ready to utilize the power of marketing with social media and your customers’ experience with your website, then this is the category for you. Photos and images have been proven to drive more traffic to your website and increase audience engagement. I can provide you with these images to help attract the attention you want for your business or product(s).

The Re-Branding Business

This is for the business owner looking to make a change to their services, product(s), logo, or team. When launching a new product or brand it’s important to use the power behind visualization and social media with new images and photos of your product to really help penetrate the market with a powerful impact.

The Brand Enhancement Business

This is for the business owner looking to increase product or service value. There is nothing more powerful than customers actively engaging in your product or interfacing in your services. Now more than ever the visual experience is the most effective way to capture your audience’s attention and showcase your product or services in use.

I appreciate these different stages and will work to make sure you get what you need out of your images. With whichever package you choose fits your business’ needs, I include a 30 minute in-person consult to evaluate the location for photos; we can also discuss lighting, your company’s colors, work space, wardrobe, models/customers, and environment. The goal of this consult is to help me to interpret what you, or your business, do so that I can properly display what services or product(s) you offer in your images. We can do this through team headshots, product line images, customer active engagement photos and a group photo of you and/or your team. I also offer options to make you feel comfortable and confident in your images, such as a pre-consult and session idea questionnaire; providing additional editing, photo overlays, and sizing based on your marketing needs.

At Crystal Clear Photography, I recognize your professional photographic needs may differ from others and I’m here to help. From just starting to renewing to enhancing, Crystal Clear Photography is here to assist you and your business’ branding needs every step of the way.

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