It’s that time of year again; whether you need family photos, head shots, or photos to promote your fitness or business brand, you may be looking to update your pictures. How do you go about doing this?

You get in contact with Crystal Clear Photography, discuss fees and times, and schedule an appointment. The day of the shoot you get yourself, your family, and/or your co-workers dressed, ready, and made up to be picture-perfect. You arrive at the agreed upon destination with the appropriate payment and signed documents and meet with Crystal. From there, you pose in front of the camera while Crystal coaches, adjusts, and directs you. After two weeks or less you receive your photographs from the shoot with expectations beyond met.

Seems simple enough, right? But, what about all the work that is going into this one shoot for Crystal Clear Photography? What is done behind the scenes to generate the images in a quality that meets your expectations?

The efforts of the photographer are what give photography and the resulting images their value. Anybody can take a needle and thread and sew together a shirt, but what makes it valuable is the time, effort, and care that goes into each stitch resulting in a quality shirt that is made to last. Same goes for photography. An image is just a image until you consider, understand, and appreciate the process behind creating and capturing a single moment in an everlasting photograph.

Here’s a little sneak peek into what Crystal Clear Photography does behind the scenes from scheduling and shooting to editing and wrapping up:

* You, the client, reach out to schedule a session.

* Crystal Clear Photography goes into “Idea mode” seeking out details, finding out your particular vision and/or your brand. Asking a “Mental Questionnaire,” what is important about this shoot, what do you envision, what are your expectations?

* Then begins the scouting for locations that are geographically pleasing, have flattering lighting, and buildings and structures to fit your image/brand vision.

* Always thinking of times: availability of certain scouted locations, client’s time preferences, appropriate time for lighting, and of course fitting into Crystal Clear Photography’s schedule.

* The photographer drafts and gives the Client Agreement, that comes with tips and advice, to be signed and returned.

* “Client Consultation” -either over phone or face to face, to go over additional questions regarding outfits, preparations, colors, target audience, etc.

* DAY OF SHOOT: Crystal Clear Photography always shows up early, plans out locations at the shooting destination, and gets the area ready for the shoot.

* Meeting the client: Greeting the client in a friendly and getting to know you, the client, and letting you get to know me, the photographer, to establish a level of comfort.

* My goal as a photographer is to be more than just the person behind the camera. To help ease the stage fright and nerves, helps pose and coach, find the best angles and lighting.

* After completing the much anticipated and always fun shoot, it’s time to wrap things up give a timeline of when the photos will be ready, received, and how and in what format they’ll be received.

* Before posting a preview, Crystal Clear Photography follows up to ask how you like the preview, if you want changes to be made, or if there are any suggestions or questions before finally getting into the rest of the editing.

* EDITING: There’s the process of uploading, modifying, and sorting through the hundreds of images taken and choosing ones that are most flattering based on client feedback, ensuring diversity in the images, and finally editing and touching up the photographs to meet client expectations.

* After delivering images via the new client gallery, a final follow-up is made to guarantee that everything turned out as expected and you, the client, are fully satisfied with your images and experience with Crystal Clear Photography.

The above, and so much more, are the steps that are taken to ensure that the quality of every encounter, every shoot, and every image  from Crystal Clear Photography goes above and beyond expectations of the clients. You are the most important asset in my company, which is why I take care to promote the Value of Photography.




Writer/Editor –  Crystal HollmanChelsie Cummings

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