You go shopping at the mall with your friend and you find a shirt you both like. You both decide to try it on. When you come out of the dressing room and see her in the same shirt you’re wearing, you can’t help but note the differences. It’s not necessarily that she looks better in the shirt than you, or vice versa, but that it just looks different. After all, no two people are alike and no one shirt will fit two different people the same.

You and your buddy want to play catch, but you left your glove at home. No worries, your friend let’s you borrow his spare. As it turns out, he uses Rawlings exclusively and you prefer Wilson. It’s not that Wilson is better than Rawlings, or by any means cheaper, it’s just more comfortable for your baseball needs.

Every individual is unique with his or her own preferences and needs. In the same way you have to try on a pair of shoes or research and try out baseball bats to find your perfect fit, you have to explore your options in photographers, as well. You wouldn’t read a Stephen King novel if you wanted romance anymore than you’d read Nora Roberts for horror.

A photographer is an artist and with varying needs in the field of photography, photographers have varying fortes. From specializing in landscape photography to stop motion photography to portrait photography. Not only are there varying genres of photography, but within every category each photographer is as unique as you. Each photographer has a different style, different view, different technique.

When considering hiring a photographer, you must first establish what it is that you need, what you prefer, and what you envision. From there, you should consider and examine different photographers’ works, styles, and capabilities. Invest time in asking about their processes or how they would envision your shoot and your photographs. Just because your sister is a landscape photographer and will shoot your business headshot for a discount, doesn’t mean that she will be able to capture the headshot you desire. It’s easy to become overly concerned with prices or expecting any photographer to understand and fully meet expectations and being disappointed with the outcome.

The same way a woman may shop around for a purse or a man for a watch, you must take the time to “shop around” for a photographer that meets your needs, preference, and expectations. Now this is not to say that you should bargain shop based on price alone; sometimes you get what you pay for so be sure to set your expectations accordingly. This is why Crystal Clear Photography ensures time and availability dedicated exclusively for Client Consultations so that these inquiries may be explored ensuring that Crystal Clear Photography is the perfect “fit” for you!


To learn more and better understand the importance of finding a photographer that “fits” you, check out this video! It will amaze you the differences between these 6 photographers who photographed the same man in the same location with completely different outcomes.

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