When you take pictures on your phone, how many do you usually snap before you have the “perfect” image for sharing? Quite a few. As a photographer, I capture dozens, sometimes hundreds, of photographs during a shoot, and as much as I’d like you to believe they’re ALL perfect, they’re not.


Part of my job as the photographer is choosing the right images and editing them to your liking. When choosing from the many straight-out-of-camera shots, I’m searching for the ones that have the best angles, the right light direction, and good positioning. What makes me the photographer is having an eye for potential. Photographers don’t share the raw images or allow our subjects to choose from them for two main reasons: first, because it’s extremely overwhelming; second, because of the likelihood of missed opportunities.


There are sometimes hundreds of images to go through from a photo shoot. The photographer, me, has to meticulously go through each and every single photo to make sure that the best ones are chosen. It can be very stressful and tedious, so I like to think of myself as a superhero. As humans, we wouldn’t be able to handle the pressure of having Thor’s hammer; as subjects you wouldn’t be able to handle the pressure of choosing the absolute best shots. Don’t worry about it; this is why you pay me!


The other main reason of withholding raw images is because if I were to provide you with these, you may not choose (for editing or otherwise) the same photographs as I would. With my professional eye, I see the prospective opportunities in particular pictures that you may not find flattering in their “raw” state; but, after a few minor adjustments by me, you may see that same picture and absolutely love it.


I do not share the raw images, because I don’t want to overwhelm my clients. As your photographer, you have to trust me with your images. Like Yoda shares his wisdom and chooses his words carefully, I will share with you the best images and choose the photographs carefully. I want to make sure that you receive the best in what we’ve created together!



Writer/Editor –  Crystal HollmanChelsie Cummings

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