Every photographer is unique. Just as every author has their own voice that is heard in their writing, every photographer has their own style that can be seen in their photographs. So, here’s a few fun facts about CCP that are apart of what makes my photography unique.

  • Editing Style—Photography is the best way to capture you at your best self. Editing can be a great tool to help you be comfortable with your images. While I want you to look authentic to your true self, I also want you to feel like your photographs reflect your true self. This means I don’t over edit. Your skin will look great, but you won’t look like a porcelain doll. If you have an unflattering blemish or two, I can edit them out, but leave the beauty marks and freckles that make you, you. When editing, I make sure that your photographs express that you are a real person and not just an image.
  • Mobile—CCP doesn’t have a studio, but I do have a studio setup. The great thing about this is CCP can come to you! We can travel outdoors or do an indoors shoot to achieve images you desire. CCP’s mobility gives you more options and flexibility.
  • Reshooting—I work hard and take my work personal. Ensuring the satisfaction of all my clients is the most important thing for me. If we don’t get the vision right the first time, then we reshoot it until we do.
  • Services—At CCP I do mostly Business Photography, but I don’t want my clients to forget that I do other photography services as well. On the Services tab of my website you can see a list of services that I provide. I work with families around the valley, provide lifestyle portraits, shoot fitness portraits for a variety of fitness industries (pilates, bodybuilding, etc.), and headshots and portfolio shoots for models (aspiring and established). I enjoy working with my clients and their diverse backgrounds and my goal is always to create the best photograph for you; so, don’t hesitate to ask how CCP can provide a custom shoot for you!
  • Educate—One of the best things that sets CCP apart from the rest is that I walk you through the timeline of the photoshoot process from start to finish. From the moment you inquire about my services, to choosing which finished photographs to purchase, I’m with you every step of the way to answer your questions and make you feel comfortable through the process! If you haven’t seen yet, I’ve designed this blog on my website to further assist you with Photo Session Tips, how to get past Stage Fright, and generally get you ready for your session with informative and fun to read articles. My job as a photographer goes beyond just taking pictures; my job isn’t complete until you’ve walked away happy with your envisioned images perfected!

These things and more are what set me and my business apart from others. I hope that this has been informative and will help you decide if Crystal Clear Photography is the right fit for you!



Email me for more information or an independent consultation at info@crystalclearphotographyaz.com

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Writer/Editor: Crystal Hollman; Chelsie Cummings

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