Props can be a significant addition to your photograph. If you’re a businessperson or entrepreneur, they can emphasize your brand. As a fitness person, props can be the extra detail that expresses your area of fitness. In boudoir shoots, they can be the characteristic that perfects your desired photo. Even for family shoots, props can be the feature that gives meaning to your memorable photograph. Anyone can use props to personalize their photographs to be their ideal image! Take a look at the categories below to better understand props for your next photo session.


  • Business—Business Professionals can have props in their photos, too. As a business person, props can emphasize your brand for website images, business cards, etc. to help your audience understand what makes your company unique. Whether you’re a Doctor using a stethoscope or a test patient, an Entrepreneur using a cell phone or a tablet, or a CPA using a laptop or a ledger; props can really bring to life your brand and/or business within the image. So at your next photo session, bring along a prop that helps define what you do.
  • Fitness—Have a fitness shoot? You can use a prop, too. If you’re a bodybuilder, maybe a few dumbbells can complete your image. If you’re a pilates instructor, maybe a pilates reformer is the right prop for your shoot. Just about any prop you can think of that expresses what you do will work. So, don’t forget to pick out your props before your next shoot.
  • Boudoir—Whether it’s something big or small, props can be the extra detail that pulls together the image. From his favorite football jersey to your wedding veil, you can bring any little addition to sex up or dress down your boudoir shoot. Simple props such as the garter belt, a playful whip, or a sexy black fedora can add a little intimacy to show off your sensual side.
  • Family—From maternity and newborn to graduation or the annual family photo, there are many opportunities for the use of props in personal and familial photo sessions. Props in this capacity are used to further commemorate and emphasize the significance of this time for your family. Gather up the kids, your pets, your spouse and grab those special mementos to make your next photo session unique to your family!


You don’t have to have a specific type of photo session to use props. From Business to Fitness or Boudoir and Family, you can use props in any setting to complete your photograph. Contact me before your next photo shoot so we can discuss which props, if any, would work best for your photographs!


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