A professional headshot is imperative to your business and brand because it is your prospective clients’ first impression of you. I encourage my business clients (entrepreneurs, business people, even those in the fitness industry) to do a headshot session. When used in the right context, this type of image can be what draws potential consumers to you, your brand, and your business.

A headshot is also versatile in use; it can be used as a website image, a profile picture on LinkedIn, or on a business card so that whoever receives it can remember the face with the name. This photograph is a reflection of you, your credibility, and your professionalism. You also want your headshot to be a positive representation of yourself because this is the image that people will associate with your name. So a question to ask yourself is: how do you want others to perceive you?

When you’ve conceded how beneficial headshots can be and are ready to set up your session with CCP there are a few things to consider before the day of your shoot comes.

A headshot is typically shoulders and up, so when preparing for your shoot, focus on your face and hair; men will want to clean facial hair, including eyebrows; ladies will want to apply their make-up in a simple and elegant manner. If you want to wear jewelry, it’s best to choose understated, classic pieces: small studded earrings, a simple silver chain necklace, etc. You want your headshot to depict your best and most professional self, while at the same time, still presenting the person that clientele will recognize on a daily basis. So if you wear glasses regularly, it’s best to also wear them in your headshot.

Just because a headshot is usually shoulders and up, doesn’t mean that your attire is irrelevant. Although it’s called a “head” shot, this image can be photographed to include a little more than just your neck and head. So, you want to first choose colors that represent your brand and your business and a backdrop color that complements these. I typically insist on using a basic colored backdrop: cream, soft grey, off white, etc. With the right colors in mind, deciding on an outfit is easy. You obviously want to dress presentable and businesslike; a nice blouse or button-up, with or without a blazer is ideal.

These are just a few fundamental tips to get you started and ready for your headshot session. Take a moment to check out my Most Valuable Tips articles on my blog for further assistance! And of course, you can always contact me directly with specific questions, comments, and concerns.

I want to emphasize the importance of professional headshots. They are your first chance to make a good impression, to place a face with a name on your business card, to represent yourself, your business, and your brand. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to have a headshot that makes you appear approachable, personable, and most importantly professional. Crystal Clear Photography can help you achieve this impression. With a few simple tips and one great photographer, you can have the ideal headshot to portray your proficiency and sophistication and interpersonal attitude!





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