This is the third edition of Most Valuable Tips from CCP! Don’t miss out on the others Most Valuable Tips, Pt. 1 and Most Valuable Tips: Props Edition. At Crystal Clear Photography, understanding my clients and their needs is one of the most important things to me. If you follow me on Facebook (link to CCP Facebook page) then you will have noticed I like to post Photo Session Tips to address specific questions and concerns, and advise clients, both current and prospective, on their photo shoots. Below is a few more tips that I’ve found to be most valuable this month!


  • RELAX: This is the most important tip to guarantee success in your photo shoot. Everyone gets nervous and sometimes faces a little stage fright, but learning to relax and trust your photographer, me, will prevent you from feeling stiff or unhappy with outcome of your photos. Just take a deep breath, relax, and let me guide you.
  • Bring Chapstick!: This sounds silly but you’d be surprised the number of chapped lips I see in one of the driest states in America! Even if you don’t feel like your lips are chapped, bring along some Chapstick just in case. You can apply a small amount before (and during!) your shoot to guarantee your lips look soft and healthy.
  • Get Silly: People tend to freeze when it’s time to shoot. Making for an awkward pose. I’m not there to just be behind the camera; I’m there to help you loosen up. I can laugh with you and we can have a good time. Even if it’s a Business Session, we don’t have to remain serious throughout your shoot. To help you relax and look more natural be silly, be yourself, laugh a little. You’ll love the outcome!
  • Drink LOTS of Water: Regardless of your session type or whether it’s located inside or outside, water is essential. It will help to reduce bloating, dehydration (which causes bloating), and reduce the feeling of distention. I don’t know about you, but this Arizona heat can definitely make me feel drained. So don’t forget to grab a water on the way to your next session!
  • Bring Your Music: One of my most favorite tips, especially for my Fitness and Business clients, is to bring your music. Whether on your phone or laptop, we’ find a way to get your tunes playing in the background. I’ve seen how  effective music can be with helping my clients feel more comfortable. It puts you in a great mood helping you to relax and be yourself which in turn is what’s best for your photo session.

I’m providing these tips to help you be comfortable and feel prepared before walking into your shoot. As a photographer, my clients, my subjects, my muses, are the most important part of what I do. This is only a few of the Most Valuable Tips to help get you through your photo session, so don’t forget to check out the first two and please check back for more at a later date. But until then, I hope these tips will be as valuable and helpful to you as they are to me!




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