A brand is defined by the dictionary as a type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular name. Most, if not all, products have multiple manufacturers, but the brand is what makes each individual product different from the next. From food to clothes to furniture, everything has a brand.


When you go somewhere to buy something new, you’re faced with two main options: “name brand” versus “off brand.” What is the distinction between the two? Besides the obvious difference of price, the brands differ in quality and popularity. All that aside, how do you make your choice? Typically, you’re going to choose the brand that is well-known and popular because there’s safety and dependability in buying or consuming a product with an established brand name.


Take Nike, for example. You’re in need of new running shoes and the store you’re shopping at has several options including Nike. While Nike may be higher priced, it’s a brand name you trust and associate with stability and durability. This is why most people are drawn to buying a pair of running shoes made by Nike versus a pair made by an “off brand” or a brand unknown to them.


So what is it that makes Nike a brand? A brand is a representation of you, your product, your services, or your company. It solidifies the name you are creating or have created for yourself, product, services or company by building a reputation based on what you stand for. Your brand is everything the public knows about what you’re offering; it’s the attributes associated with your product or service; it’s solely the opinion formed about you, your product, service, or company in someone’s mind.


The origin of branding was based in identifying sources of products and today is further used to distinguish these sources from similar products. Basically, a brand is more than just a defining name; it is simply the name of a specific product that helps us to discern the origins of that specific product. Nike running shoes are shoes made for sportswear by that company headquartered in Beaverton, OR.


Now that you know what a brand is, how does photography tie into your brand? Your images are just as powerful as your brand. You use photography to capture the essence of what makes your product exclusive and noteworthy. When thinking of Nike, the high quality images from magazine ads or commercials immediately come to mind: Michael Jordan’s famous dunk wearing Air Jordan’s made by Nike or a pair of brightly colored Nike shoes on a runner’s feet. Photography is important to your brand because it gives your audience the visual association to you, your product, service, or company’s brand.


When it’s time to update your brand or your brand’s images, keep Crystal Clear Photography in mind!




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