Contrary to popular belief, a business portrait is very different from a traditional headshot. The most obvious contrast between a business portrait and a headshot is how much of your body is in the photograph. In a headshot, only from your shoulders-up is visible in the image. Whereas in a business portrait, from waist up or even full body can be visible.

Aside from the visual distinction, there are other important distinguishing attributes about each photograph type. While the headshot is a more professional representation of yourself, the business portrait is a more relaxed, personable representation.

headshot2What makes a headshot professional rather than relaxed is the visibility of you. When you’re only photographing from the shoulders up, you’re limited in how much you can express. However, a headshot is the best opportunity to demonstrate your business-like attitude. Because a headshot is a close-up image of your face, it’s best used for business cards, profile pictures on social media platforms, etc. A headshot is traditionally used to display a clear and concise portrayal of your face so that you are easily recognizable from your photograph.

Your business portrait is more versatile in use making it customizable and the photo shoot more flexible than a standard headshot session. Since mbusinessportrait1ore of you is seen in a business portrait, you have the option of outfit changes, the use of related props, and body language. This type of portrait is best suited for marketing your brand. Outfit changes can allow for a variety of images and colors that reflect your brand. Props are perfect for showcasing your product, your business, and/or your service. Body language is the most important factor in a business portrait; it relays to your audience much more than just your face in a headshot would. The versatility and customizability of business portraits are ideal for website images, marketing, and drawing in your audience.

Knowing the difference between a headshot and a business portrait and knowing your needs as a business person can help you decide what type of photo session would fit best for your brand and your vision. However, if you still remain in doubt or need further guidance and assistance, schedule a Client Consultation or email me directly, and we’ll figure out together if you need a business portrait or a headshot!



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Written/Edited by: Crystal Hollman; Chelsie Nutting

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