You’ve just finished your Business Session with Crystal Clear Photography and you have all of these awesome images from your shoot. Now what do you do with them? Whether it’s your headshot or business portrait, photographs from an event, team photos of your employees, or product photographs, there’s a use for each and every photograph you’ve gotten.

This article is to inform and help you figure out how to use your new, high quality business images! Below I’ve compiled a list of ways to use your images and highlighted which types of business photographs work best for each.

  • Marketing, Advertising, & Publicity

Any and all types of business photographs work great for marketing, advertising, and publicity. Using images that include yourself and/or employees add the personal touch to your campaigning efforts. Product photographs are perfect for showcasing your services and product while reflecting your unique brand.

  • Websites

For your website, it’s best to use product photographs and images created specifically for your website. Since this is typically where the initial contact with potential clients, customers, or consumers occurs, using images including your employees or yourself are great, again, for that personal touch. You can read my article on Stock Photography to gain a better understanding of why not to use stock photography and how you can use pictures from your Business Session instead. For a live example of what CCP can do for you and your website, check out a couple of my clients’ websites: TemperaturePro and Coach Erin!

  • Business Cards how-to-use-business-pics

This is the representation of yourself and your business that you want to be clear and concise so that whoever receives the card can remember a face with the name. Business cards are small, typically wallet size, so using your headshot or business portrait will give your clients, customers, or consumers the best image of yourself.


  • Social Networking

Utilizing social media resources such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn provide different ways to keep your customers up-to-date with your company and give an open line of communication with your target audience.  This experience can be personalized with your high-quality business images, which help your followers on social media to identify, connect with, and recognize you and your brand! Any of your business photographs are great for sharing on social media, but a headshot or business portrait would be best for your profile image to keep things interpersonal.

  • Emails and Newsletters

Whenever you send an email confirmation for a sale or service, or perhaps a newsletter updating your clients or customers on your product or service, you can include business images such as your product images or employee photographs to reassure your target audience. Adding an employee headshot or business portrait of yourself, especially in the service industry, builds trust with your clients, customers, or consumers by giving them a face they can associate with the service they have or are going to receive.

  • Employee Recognition

If you and your business like to recognize employees or partners for their hard work with awards such as Employee of the Month, headshots and business portraits are a great and professional way to name them. Whether it’s for just in the office or a more public recognition, using these types of business photographs are perfect to clearly and personally recognize your employees!


These are just a few ideas for how you can put your new, high quality business images to use. Know that many of your new images have versatile uses that may not be listed above. When working with me at CCP, I can also help provide you with a custom Business Session that directly relates to how you want to use your business photographs. So if you are specifically looking for website images or a headshot for your business card, I’ll work with you to be sure your business images are exactly what you need!


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Writer/Editor: Crystal Hollman; Chelsie Cummings

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