In case I haven’t said it enough: It’s the Holiday Season! Everyone is getting ready for their Holiday Photo Sessions and, of course, the Holidays themselves. With my family and I are preparing for our own upcoming session and CCP filling up the few weeks with several Holiday Sessions, I thought now would be the perfect time to share a few valuable tips to help you be posed and ready for your Holiday Session, too. Take a look at these Most Valuable Tips so you too can be ready for your approaching Holiday Session!


  • Choosing Your Colors:

Remember, red & green aren’t the only holiday colors. As common a theme they are, it can be repetitive and boring. Other colors to consider include variations of brown, orange, yellow, and green, and navy blue. Be sure when you’re choosing colors for your Holiday Session that you, and whomever you’ll be photographed with, are coordinated with your environment. You don’t want to blend in to your background, so be sure to keep in mind your location when picking outfits. Lastly, don’t be afraid to step out of classic bounds and choose non-traditional, yet seasonally indicative, colors such as purple, burgundy, and maroon. All else fails, ask me and I can help you choose the right colors for your Holiday Session!

  • Have Fun with It:

The most pressure felt during a photo session comes from trying to perfect your pose, your smile, and the other people in the photograph (whether it’s your spouse and kids or your co-workers and employees). This is the most important tip I have for you: relax and have fun with it! Sometimes the best pictures are captured when you allow yourself to be who you are, let the kids run free for a little bit, and loosen the reigns on controlling the outcome. Trust in me and together we’ll create your ideal portraits!

  • Less is More:

To reiterate my above statement: Be yourself. Some people are really good are coordinating everyone and using Pinterest ideas; some people may find all of that overwhelming and aggravating. No matter your style, less is more. Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing. If that great Pinterest idea doesn’t work out, or the kids refuse their elaborate outfits, don’t stress about it! Be casual, be comfortable, be YOU. Together we can create beautiful images from you just showing up and being yourself.

  • Timing: 

Whether it’s a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or even Happy New Years card, be sure to give yourself 4-6 weeks to prepare to send them out to family or friends. Remember, after your session there are a few things that must be done with your images. You have to first consider that the best photos have to be sorted and edited by yours truly. Then there’s choosing your card style, printing (if you choose to do it that way), and sending them through the post. So book your session now to give yourself time for sharing your crystal clear holiday images!

  • Holiday Props:

Don’t hesitate to bring your own props! As I’ve mentioned before in a previous blog article, MVT: Props Edition, props can be the extra detail to make your Holiday photos perfect. A few ideas include a family banner, Santa hats, elf hats, a favorite ornament or holiday related accessory. Whatever you celebrate this time of year, you can bring a relic representing this to add to your holiday portraits. However, don’t feel pressured to bring something along. Referring back to an earlier tip in this blog, you want to be yourself first and foremost!


Once more: It’s the Holiday Season! We all know how overwhelming and stressful this time can be with so much to be done. But the cheer and joy that come along with this time of year are well worth it. I hope these Holiday tips are as valuable to you as they are to me and help ease your stress before your Holiday Photo Session.


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