Your headshot is a crucial part of your brand and your business, which is why it’s important to keep it updated. You want your Business Headshot to be memorable, recognizable, and an accurate, present reflection of you. This is why you should take the time to regularly update your headshot. Whether it’s because you’ve changed your hairstyle, grown out or shaved your facial hair, or because you’ve gained or lost weight, you should Book a Session to  update that headshot today!

Below I’ve compiled a short list of reasons why it’s important to regularly update your Business Headshot:


  • You want to be recognizable because you are your brand.

As children, we’re taught to associate words with what we see. Because this is something that’s ingrained in all of us, it’s essential to keep your headshot up-to-date so that your face is easily associated with your name, brand, and other information on your business card, website, etc. You want your clients or customers to have a recognizable face to associate with your name and your brand. When your clients or customers recognize you and are able to associate your face with your name, it’ll be easier for them to remember their interaction with you during a business transaction and therefore be able to easily recall their positive experience with you, your business, and your brand.

  • Your appearance may vary. 

Your headshot should be consistent with your current appearance. So if you’re presently using your headshot from your high school graduation, it’s probably time to Book Your Session and update that headshot! As you age, your facial features may change contributing to a minor or drastic variance in your appearance. Besides the changes that Father Time may impose on us, there are the changes we make to ourselves that must be considered. From new hairstyles and growing or shaving facial hair, to weight changes and switching from glassed to contacts, there are many ways to alter our appearance. Most of the time we don’t think twice about these types of transformations to our appearance. However, your clients and customers will be sure to notice, and may fail to associate your face with your brand and name because of an out-of-date headshot.

  • Consider your return on this investment!

Think of updating your Business Headshot as an investment. The world is competitive and because you are your brand, you’re doing yourself a favor by investing the time, money, and effort into updating your headshot. When you take the time to Book a Session and spend money on your shoot and photos, you’re investing in yourself and your brand. In addition to keeping your clients or customers familiar with your current professional image, you’re also instilling in them confidence in participating in a business transaction with you. When they see how you invest in yourself, your business, and your brand, they feel confident about hiring you, working with you, and/or buying your product. Keeping your Business Headshot up-to-date is really a small investment to make for a huge potential return in your business.

  • You want to be remarkable.

 Another great reason to reshoot your headshot regularly is that you want to catch attention, in a good way. Regularly updating your headshot gives you the opportunity to make sure your image is noteworthy. It’s time to update your business images when you notice that tie from your last headshot is out of style, or that pose in your business portrait is a little more cheesy than you first realized. While these things will catch attention, it won’t be for the right reasons! So, when you update your headshot and you’re thinking of how you can be memorable, choose colors that complement your eyes, be yourself, ensure that your unique personality shines through!

  • Selfies make you look unphotogenic.

As easy and cheap as it may be, selfies are not the way to go for your next headshot. No matter how awesome they are advertised to be, cell phone cameras just won’t cut it. Your selfie won’t be of the highest resolution. Not to mention, Instagram filters and photo editing apps can’t fix the photo to it’s best quality potential. Not only do they make you look unphotogenic, they make you seem unprofessional. Referring back to point number three, your headshot is an investment in yourself, in your brand and business, and in your company’s future. To reiterate that point, when your clients and/or customers see how you invest in yourself, business, and brand, they’ll trust the quality of your product or services enough to invest in you, too.


Now that I’ve got you thinking, when is the last time you updated your headshot? Your headshot can be the make or break in meeting a new, potential client or customer. Let Crystal Clear Photography help you make the best first impression and update your business headshot today!


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Writer/Editor: Crystal Hollman; Chelsie Cummings 

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