After your awesome session with Crystal Clear Photography you’ve received your high resolution, crystal clear, digital images, but then you realize that they’re too big for certain marketing. How do you fix this problem without distorting your images? That’s what this short article is all about.

Your new custom Business Photographs are obviously great for marketing, but in some cases, size can matter. Rather than downloaded expensive software, like Photoshop, just to resize your photos, I’ve researched a few other tools that are cheaper (even FREE) and easy to use!

If you’re looking for a simple software option, PicPick is a great choice. Not only is it available for free download for Personal Use (as disclosed on their website), but there’s also a Professional Use for only $24.99. So, significantly cheaper than SnagIt. What makes PicPick an awesome tool, besides for resizing your images, is that you can customize and create graphics using your marketing photos all in one place! To resize an image on PicPick, you can enter numbers reflecting the pixelated size or percentage, say if you want the picture to be 50% of its original size. The only drawback of PicPick is that it’s only compatible for Windows computers.

Are you a Mac user like my assistant and myself? You also have the free option of resizing your image on your computer! Open an image of your choice in Preview. Click Tools and Adjust Size from the menu bar. A dialogue box will open with Image Dimensions providing you with two ways to resize your images: either type in your custom dimensions or select from the presets. Be cautious resizing in Preview, however, because you cannot save the original image size. So, be sure to make a duplicate before resizing.

Another option exclusively for Mac users, is to download ResizeIt for free from the App Store. This app is great for storing preset sizes if you frequently resize your photos to a particular custom size. You also don’t have to worry about losing the original image’s size when using this tool.

Finally there’s SnagIt, a software program from TechSmith. For a single user license it is $49.95. However, as with most software, there is a free trial. Keep in mind, with SnagIt you have more options than only resizing your images. It’s also a great program for capturing screenshots and audio output. Since we’re focusing on resizing images, I’ll give you a quick summary on how to use it. After choosing the photograph you wish to resize, you simply click the Images tab and Resize Image. From there a dialogue box appears allowing you to enter new dimensions  to scale the size of the picture by pixels. While it’s not the cheapest option, it is a great tool to use for creating your marketing graphics from your professional images.

I’ve only laid out four of what I feel like are great tools for resizing your professional images without distorting them or losing resolution. You can obviously use Google to find more options or email me with any questions on how to successfully resize your images to your satisfaction! I hope these tools are useful for resizing your images to fit your marketing needs.

Tip: No matter what tool you choose to use, be sure to save the original full, high resolution file in its original size just in case!


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