Stock photos can sometimes be necessary when used in the right circumstances. I do not, however, promote nor encourage any of my business clients using stock images with anonymous faces. You are your brand; rather than using a stock photograph with a random person in it, you should invest in creating customized images with yourself or your employees. The reason for this is that your face should be apart of your brand. Having said that, I’ve written this article to inform you of the times when stock photos, without people in them, are necessary.

Sometimes driving information requires a good stock photo. When you’re marketing a point, faces aren’t always necessary and sometimes don’t make sense. For example, if you’re highlighting features of your product or service, it isn’t necessary to use a photo with someone’s face.  Or, if you’re wanting to boost a sale or information about your business, a stock photo with relevant objects and plenty of space for text is ideal and necessary.

Another situation that stock photos can be beneficial for your message is when you need an image that is simple. When your message is more important than the image that goes with it, a stock photograph that’s complementary but not distracting is essential. A stock photograph with a minimal amount of embellishments can be helpful in keeping the focus on your content while framing it in an appealing way.

The most important and relevant circumstance in which stock photos are necessary is supporting your branding. When you don’t have customized business images reflecting your brand or you simply need to get a message across without a person in the image, stock photographs can be useful when chosen correctly. Styled Stock Photography is your best option in keeping consistency with your brand while still promoting business. Remember: when you have to use stock photographs, choose colors and styles that incorporate your brand.

Using stock photos in the right context and without nameless people can be necessary for some aspects of marketing for your business. When, in advertising, your information is what’s most important, a stock image can be  advantageous for making your message aesthetically pleasing while keeping the emphasis on your content. This is where Styled Stock Photography is best utilized. What is Styled Stock Photography? Keep a look out for my next article to learn more!



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