Welcome to 2017! It’s finally the new year, and with the new year comes a new you. I’ve made some changes to my business for the new year. Over the first quarter and into the second quarter of the year, you’ll notice the changes I’ve made to Crystal Clear Photography, including my new Styled Stock Photography online store (coming soon!).

When you launch your new service or product it’s essential to have a way to make your clients, customers, and/or consumers aware. This is how photography is important to your business. For myself, I have samples of my Styled Stock Photography that I’ll be displaying soon to let you and all of my clients know about my new product. In this same way, you need images with which you can market your new product or service through social media, your website, emails, and other digital formats.

With the new year, I’m also introducing a new logo! I’m excited for the changes I’ve incorporated into my brand for CCP, as I know you must be excited for your brand changes. Whether it’s a logo change, like me, style, font type, or even colors, keeping your clients up-to-date with your brand is crucial! I’ve been taking the time to add my logo to both new and old photographs, my website, my client agreements, etc., so that I can familiarize you and all of my clients with the new look.

Your brand is everywhere your product or service is, therefore you want to make sure your clients, customers, and/or consumers are acquainted with your new and evolved brand and associate it with your business and your product.  I can help you showcase your evolved brand with photography. With a few custom images of your product/service, whether old or new, we can add your brand to the image itself if it’s not already on the product or apart of the service. This way you can market your product or service WITH your transformed brand.

It’s necessary to prepare in advance to market and advertise your brand, your business, and your product for the new year. Regardless of whether or not you’re making changes, new images can make all the difference in your advertising and marketing experience for your consumer base and help to avoid boring, repetitive interactions with your clients.

Be sure to make room in your budget for your next Business Session while you’re planning out your First Quarter of the year. Plan ahead and schedule time for yourself and your employees to be apart of your Business Session. Start the New Year and the New You off on the right foot by Booking Your Business Session today!


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