My name’s Crystal and I’m a Mompreneur. I wanted to share my journey on the road of Mompreneurship with you. But first, what is a mompreneur? To me, she’s a woman who juggles the 24/7 task of being a mom and wife raising her sporadic and sometimes crazy family, while pursuing her dream of being a business owner and bringing those concepts to life.

When I made the decision to resign from my full-time, steady paycheck to pursue my dreams, I found out quickly how trying it can be to build  a company from the ground up and perfect my profession while being a stay-at-home mom. Launching a brand new business while Momming an 18-mos-old didn’t come as easy as I had envisioned. After almost eight years in the human resources and recruiting fields, it was a struggle having to rake in my own income rather than doing a job and collecting a paycheck. As if that wasn’t hard enough, I found myself trying to entertain a mini me, keep sticky fingers off my expensive equipment, and teach my toddler the basics of being a tiny human. Whew. So, the juggling act began. As I go into my third year of business, however, I’m so glad I took the risks to reach my goals. Where I’m at now was worth every screaming tantrum, every moment of fear of failure, every dollar I missed out on from the corporate world.

With starting business in February 2015, I’m proud to call myself a Mompreneur. As a mobile photographer, I get to travel to photo sessions with clients. However, I spend a bigger chunk of my time at home wearing multiple hats: juggling my toddler (and her sister bouncing around in my belly); scheduling and meeting with clients; consulting with my assistant; then, switching to handling the accounting and financing, and marketing and advertising aspects of my business; all of that, while sorting through and editing the hundreds of photos I’ve taken at several sessions. Talk about putting the multi in multitasking!

The best thing I’ve learned through my juggling act to maintain a professional image and be a mom is to keep the passion alive; and I don’t mean in my love life (*wink wink* ;)). I’ve realized that all the great ideas and sparks and moments of drive won’t keep me and my company going; my passion for what I do, for photography, is what keeps Crystal Clear Photography from fizzling off. You have to love what you’re doing enough to tolerate the tantrums, struggles, and ups and downs, too.

So, this is my Mompreneur blog. For your sanity, and mine, I want to share with you and hear from you about the journey (it’s definitely a journey, not a destination) of Mompreneurship. Whether you’re kids are off to school or grown and you’re further along in your journey, or you’re new to your career with a full nest like me, this blog is for you! Stay tuned for tips to stay organized, learn a little about what’s helped me stay on the path to success, and, if nothing else, know that there is someone who relates to you as a Mom and an entrepreneur!



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