I started Crystal Clear Photography with just photographing families. Eventually, I evolved my photography and changed my focus to business. I recognized the void in affordable commercial photography that could support a small business and entrepreneur budget, so I set out to supply this need. I left the corporate world after realizing it wasn’t a good fit for myself or my family. With support from my husband and extended family, I decided to follow my dream and launch my photography business. I knew from the beginning, though, that I wanted to be more than just a mom with a camera.

I switched my emphasis from family to business photography when I saw the need for local small businesses and solopreneurs, like you to have high quality business images that could fit your budget. There are a lot of talented, larger commercial photographers that are great for the giant corporate world, but what about the little guys like you and me? This is the need I saw and sought to fill.

I decided to take my corporate business knowledge and experience and combine it with my photography skills. I didn’t want to just be a family photographer that occasionally did a headshot here and there for a business friend; I wanted to be an asset and a resource to my fellow small business owners and entrepreneurs in The Valley. So, I began by networking and encouraging word of mouth and referrals (still encouraging this ;)). I took the time to ask questions and learn from my peers and other professionals, like you, more about my new ideal client: the small business owner, entrepreneur, or solopreneur. I wanted my business to be unique, but also to be advantageous for you, my fellow entrepreneur.

What I do to accomplish this is act just as a commercial photographer would, but on a smaller scale so that you can have that same experience. I provide a free over-the-phone or in-person consultation to discuss the ideas you have for your brand and marketing images; I create tips and write blog articles with thorough information and details on specific things that I see clients struggle with or need assistance with; I help you to overcome fears and feel comfortable with the entire process; I’m even launching an online Styled Stock Photography store to boost your marketing efforts. I’ve strived and feel that I’ve succeeded in bridging the gap by helping you, my professional peers, to develop your brand and marketing ideas with the same quality and assurance as a commercial photographer, just on a smaller scale more fitting to your budget.

My overall goal transitioned from furthering my own success and business to strengthening my network and building a business that could be beneficial to my fellow small business owners, like you. I ventured into business photography to cease the struggle of high quality images for a hefty price versus taking a few candid shots for free. I understand how intimidating it can be to work with a photographer, much less a prominent commercial photography company, so I’ve strived to fill the gap and provide support, guidance, and reassurance that as an entrepreneur and small business owner, you too can have affordable, high quality business images!


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Email me for more information or an independent consultation at: info@crystalclearphotographyaz.com

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