In a previous post of mine, When Stock Photos are Necessary, I discussed and explained the circumstances in which using a stock photograph may be beneficial to your marketing needs. While using stock images with random models isn’t flattering, a simple, styled, and coordinated Styled Stock Photo can be favorable to your business.

What is Styled Stock Photography?

First of all, Styled Stock Photography is NOT product photography. Product photography is more of a commercial photography featuring images of your specific product. For example, when you see a commercial for a burger at McDonald’s and they show a still image of a burger; that’s product photography because it explicitly features a burger made at and by McDonald’s. Styled Stock Photography on the other hand is a more artistic type of photography. The images of Styled Stock Photography incorporate groups of related, inanimate objects arranged in an aesthetically pleasing manner. These types of images typically leave plenty of space for text and content for marketing purposes.

Why use Styled Stock Photography?

You should use Styled Stock Photography because the images you’ve received from your Business Session aren’t always the only way for delivering every message. While using your business images is great for allowing your target market a glimpse into your business, a Styled Stock Photograph is ideal for framing your content in an attractive way. So, why should you use Styled Stock Photography? Because sometimes less is more. The less you have distracting your audience in an image the more likely they are to able to absorb your information.

How can Styled Stock Photography be used?
Styled Stock Photography can be used in a number of ways, however I’ll only outline a couple. The most common use, and one that I’ve mentioned several times already, is for communicating a specific message with your audience. Yourmessage can be anything from information about your business to getting your target market excited about upcoming events, products, or changes. I’ve used a few Styled Stock Photos in my marketing in order to inform you of the opening of my online Styled Stock Phtography store. Another way to use Styled Stock Photography is to connect with your followers. Posing a question or requesting a survey to encourage interaction on a social media posts are good examples of ways to connect with your audience.

It’s easy to get creative and find multiple uses for your Styled Stock Photos. From quotes and tips, to information and interaction, Styled Stock Photography helps convey your message with appeal while remaining consistent with your brand. The images are meant to complement your style, your colors, your business, and your information. When you choose the right Styled Stock Photo that suits your method of communication with your audience and your brand, your content is made all the more interesting and appealing!


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