Now that you’ve purchased your beautiful, new Styled Stock Photos from CCP’s Styled Stock Shop, what are you going to do with them? Whether you have a bunch of great ideas or you’re drawing a blank, I will outline in this blog several places you can use them and different ways to use the same image. My goal here is to help you get the most out of your Styled Stock Photos!


All the world’s gone digital, however sometimes good ol’ fashioned print is necessary or preferred. If this is the case for you, you can still use Styled Stock Photos: flyers, newsletters, magazines, or even on the cover of a book!

For your digital platforms, a few good places to start are:

  • Websites & Blogs—you can use a Styled Stock image for  your website banner, as a background for your overall site, or add it to your body of text to complement your words and keep things interesting
  • Emails—similar to a website, you can use a Styled Stock photo for the header or background, or make a graphics composing the message you want sent in your email (sign up for my email blasts for various great examples on how I use my own!)
  • Social Media—across any and all of your platforms, Styled Stock images are perfect for social media. Specifically with Instagram, they can be used to add variety and really accentuate your brand. With Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Twitter, you can create graphics to display your message in an appealing way. (Follow me on your social media platforms to see how I do it and catch some sneak peeks from my clients’ photo sessions, too!)
  • Marketing & Advertising—Styled Stock photos provide the visual stimulation necessary to capture your audience’s attention. With the right image, you can frame your message in a flattering manner that complements your brand and captures the interest of your clients.


Sometimes changing the image to black and white or sepia tone may work for your message or brand, but other times switching the filter impacts the color and therefore it no longer coincides with the original branding colors. Making small adjustments here and there to make the photo go further is understandable, but I wanted to provide you with a few alternative tools to creating graphics with your images and preserving the dignity of the original image.


Simply laying the text over your image is perhaps the most straightforward way to use your images.


Whether you’ve chosen a “busy” image or a simple one, clipping masks can be used attractively on almost any Styled Stock photo. The easiest way to create a clipping mask is on Canva. Simply upload your Styled Stock photo; under “Shapes” choose the one that most resembles the shape in the example below; if the shape isn’t already white, change the color; finally, lower the transparency of the shape to about 60. Voila! Your clipping mask is now in place and ready for text!


As with the example, you can easily lay your logo over the image.


If you’ve purchased a collection of Styled Stock photos that coincide with your brand, you can create a collage using these images leaving a blank space to add text (quotes, information, event advertising, etc.)



Use your image to “frame your message.” Create a simple border with a block of space for text to layover the Styled Stock Photo, like in the example.

When you’re using your Styled Stock Photos, the most important thing to remember is consistency. You want to create brand awareness when you’re using your images; so that when you’re sharing a message with a Styled Stock image across many print or digital platforms, your message is instantly associated with your brand and your business. Now that you have all these fresh ideas, it’s time to get started!

Don’t forget to stop by CCP’s Styled Stock Shop for new, customized Styled Stock Photos!

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