There’s a lot of preparation and things I take into consideration when creating my Styled Stock Images. Lighting conditions, object placement, color palette being among the many things that I put a lot of thought into. I capture a variety of angles and edit them to near perfection for your use.

The amount of prepping I spend on creating Styled Stock Photos is not only to ensure that you have high quality, brilliant images to use, but to also ensure that you have the option to customize and embellish your purchased Styled Stock Images in multiple ways. One way for you to accomplish this is in using Canva. In this blog, I want to use Canva to show you how to customize your Styled Stock Images as graphics so you can also see the fruits of my planning and prepping.

The image above for this post will be the end result of what I’m about to walk you through. The image I chose for this example has plenty of details and colors, so keeping it simple would be best. I wouldn’t recommend using a lot of text on top of your images when you choose a busier photo such as this.

Step 1 – Choose a Template to Work With

Keeping brand consistency in mind, Step 1 would be to first choose a graphic size to start with – Facebook Size – is a good one to go with for social media. When it loads you get a few templates on the side to choose from. Choose a layout that is appealing to you and fits your style and brand. Remember that the templates are just guides. Everything, from the colors and fonts to images and more, can be edited and changed.

Step 2 – Remove the background image.

Once you’ve chosen a layout. You can begin to customize it with your Styled Stock Image and brand palette. So, Step 2 would be remove the existing photo (by clicking the Trash Can and choosing Delete Image-not Element) and adding your image.

Once you’ve removed the template image, you can add your Styled Stock Images from Crystal. Click the Uploads tab on the left side of the screen and make sure that either the images you pre-loaded are present or upload the one(s) you plan on using. Click the image and drag and drop it on the graphic. It should automatically fill in the background where the previous image was.

Quick Tip: I create titled folders for each collection or type of images I use so that I can easily identify and locate specific images.

Step 3 – Add your image, adjust transparency if needed

In Step 3, you have the option to reposition the image. You can zoom in or out, rotate it, or simply choose to leave it alone. You can also adjust the transparency to make sure your audience can read the overlaying message clearly. Then begin replacing all the text with your message, headline, quote, etc.

Lastly, you can make adjustments to your text. Make color changes, resize the font, and reposition the text on the graphic as you see fit.


Quick Tip: Don’t forget to add your logo, website, or name! This helps your audience identify with your message and associate it with you and your brand.

Viola! Your finished product!

TA-DA! Simple, quick, and efficient. Canva is an awesome tool that is used widely among other solopreneurs like yourself. Create all your graphics and store your own fonts and more for easy use. What more could a busy working woman need?

In the next Styled Stock blog, I will show you how to use your images in many different ways to give you more variety. You can use 1 image as many different images. Want to know what I mean? Stay tuned!


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