Lifestyle photos for your business are a fun way to connect with your audience and show off a bit of your personality. Sessions length can vary from one hour to a few hours and can include multiple wardrobe changes and locations.

If you’re new to business lifestyle sessions, you’ll want to be prepared before arriving. Conversations with your photographer are important to make sure you get the results you’re looking for. Here are just a few of the questions I hear most often that you should consider before booking your first lifestyle session!

What colors will you wear?

Consider your brand colors when choosing your clothes for your session. You don’t need to match Pantone colors, but be sure they’re in the same family. If your brand colors are reds, pinks and white, a lemon yellow probably isn’t the best choice for tops. Also be aware of what might be in the background of your shots. If you’re shooting somewhere that has a dark background, choose colors that will stand out. And if your location is busy and has a lot going on, solids are best.

Where will you have your shoot?

I work with a lot of clients who work out of their homes and don’t have a traditional office space. That’s what’s so great about a lifestyle shoot: We’re not going for perfection. Your clients can see your kitchen cabinets in your virtual calls and hear the dogs bark during recorded videos. Think about real life when you’re deciding on locations. Some shots in the space where you typically work are great, and you can also consider a coffee shop that matches your brand’s vibe and personality.

Do you need any props?

If you’re a coffee drinker, bring your favorite mug. If you’re known for your wild hats, bring a few. If fluff and feathers are your style, have a boa on hand. I once had a client bring her favorite beer so we could have a few shots of her cheers-ing the camera. Plus, she drank it during the shoot and loosened up quite a bit! Whatever props you choose, make sure they make sense for your business and your personality. It might not make sense to bring oven mitts to a shoot if you’re a real estate agent. Unless your audience knows that you’re an aspiring chef too.

What shots do you need?

Your photographer will have a list of traditional lifestyle shots and can help you come up with ideas. But you should also have some in mind ahead of time. Think about the packages and/or services you offer to help guide you. That real estate agent will probably want some shots of her shaking a fictitious client’s hand. A nutritionist will want photos of her consulting with a client or prepping healthy meals. Knowing ahead of time how the photos will fit on your website and in your social media posts will ensure you’re elated with the images you end up with.

When’s the best time of year for a lifestyle shoot?

Lifestyle shoots often have at least some shots outside. Consider the weather at different times of the year so you can have the look you want. Being in Arizona, I try to avoid outdoor shoots from June through September because my subjects wilt quickly in 115-degree temperatures. Time of day is also important for outdoor shots. Talk to your photographer about the best time to shoot depending on your location and the time of year. Natural lighting is important and you’ll want to avoid odd shadows and light from a sun that’s directly overhead.

Who is your target audience?

The image you want to portray online usually comes back to your target audience and what will connect with them. If your audience is moms, find a way to include your own children in a few shots. If you’re trying to target those who are new to owning their own business, your wardrobe might be especially important. After all, those coming from corporate might not connect with you if you’re in a business suit (they’ve had enough of that).

Are you ready for a lifestyle session? I’m currently booking sessions for June. Let me know how I can help you!


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