A Headshot That Fits You

As a business owner, it’s important to update your headshots from time to time. You get older (I know, sorry!) and your hair, body and style change, but it’s important to look like yourself in your photos. After all, you need to be recognizable when you meet someone in person or virtually via video.

Most people avoid this necessity because they think of headshots as stodgy and stale–all buttoned-up and stiff and, well..boring.

It doesn’t have to be that way. No matter what type of business you’re in, your headshot can (and should!) reflect some of your personality so you have people begging to work with you. Your headshot should stand out from the blue suits . Here’s how!

Find a Way to Relax

Headshots are stiff and formal-looking when you’re feeling nervous. Do your best to relax during your shoot. Strike up a conversation with the photographer (if she hasn’t already), crack a joke, take some deep breaths ahead of time or even do a little jog in place. Whatever it takes to loosen up so you’re not as nervous. You don’t need to sit still to get the perfect shot. I’ve even had a client bring a beer along to her photoshoot. She used it as a prop then enjoyed it as we finished up the session–and the difference was amazing!

Mind Your Pose

There’s no rule that says your headshot needs to be of you sitting on a stool in front of a grey backdrop. Talk to your photographer about using a more relaxed pose. Cross your arms, lean on a wall, sit back on a comfortable chair or try some other poses that get you out of a stiff-backed shot that makes you look like a robot.

Use Props

Depending on what industry you’re in and what type of business you run, your headshot doesn’t need to be a formal shoulders-and-up photo. Maybe you want to showcase a product, pull your computer into the frame or simply hold a notebook or other prop that complements your business. The same goes for the background of your photo. Talk to your photographer about where you’re going to use your photos, then choose a background that complements your style and brand. That could mean shooting in a garden, coworking space, your living room or a coffee shop.

Don’t Try Anything New

I encourage my clients to come to their shoot as natural as possible, with their makeup and hair as they would normally wear them. Don’t use new makeup techniques that you don’t typically use–like adding eyeliner wings or bright lipstick. And make sure any fresh haircuts are at least a week old so you have some time to play around with the style a bit. As for clothing, wear something comfortable that is in line with your brand. Don’t go all formal unless that’s how you would show up to a client meeting.

At the end of the day, your headshot needs to represent you and your personality as well as the way you conduct business. If that’s all stiff and buttoned-up, so be it. But I’ll bet you can find some creative ways to stand out from the crowd and get more attention with your professional headshots!


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