Making a Business Shift: Why it help me serve YOU better!

I started my business as a family photographer. I loved capturing families in one moment in time—a memory that they could save forever.

But the longer I worked with families, the more I felt like there was more I could contribute. One day, a friend asked me to do a photoshoot for her marketing company. I was hesitant, but thought, What the heck!?

When the images were done, and I saw those photos on their website? I was jazzed. And I was hooked!

As I saw my friend’s company use the photos I captured to market her business, I realized there was a gap in the photography industry. The images I captured weren’t just headshots. They were lifestyle photos, showing the team in action and showcasing their personalities. The photos brought life and personality to the business that flat headshots couldn’t have done.

As a result of my photos, my friend’s small marketing agency was able to look more professional and polished—which allowed them to compete on a much higher level than they had before.

I made the decision to shift my offerings to work with small businesses, companies who want to work with another small business to help build their brand and grow.

A few months ago, I made another shift. More specifically, I made an addition to my business, again with the small business in mind.

With online marketing growing steadily almost daily, business owners need unique photos to use on their websites and in social posts. And because there’s a limited supply of quality images out there, it’s not unusual to find the same photos being used by multiple business owners. That makes standing out pretty tough.

But when searching for stock images that were a bit different than the next guy’s, sticker shock ensues. High quality stock photo subscriptions aren’t cheap. I wanted to be different.

After working through the details and doing some research with the help of my mastermind group, I developed my own stock photo gallery—with the option to upgrade to custom images.

Adding this extra service to my business has allowed me to grow as a photographer and business owner while still serving the business clients that I love to work with. And I’m able to give them the quality photos they need for a fraction of what the big guys cost. As an added bonus, I also have more free time to spend with my family while continuing to grow my business.

When was the last time you made a shift in your own business, or started offering a new product or service? Let me know how I can support you!


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