What is Custom Styled Stock Photography?

Stock photos are a great resource for busy business owners who want beautiful photos on their websites and on social media (but who might not have the time or expertise to create those images themselves).

But what happens when you notice your competition using the same stock photos you have? Yikes! You want to stand out in your online space and look different from the next guy (or gal).

Enter the custom stock photo. It’s the same idea as traditional stock photography, but customized just for you. So no one else has access to the same photos.

As a professional photographer and a business owner myself, I know that not every brand is the same. You don’t have the same values or colors. Your identifying features are different and you serve different markets. Heck, you have different names and work from different locations, often serving clients in slightly different ways. So why use the same stock photos?

Custom stock photos are those that are designed to be appealing to your specific audience and reflects your brand while framing a specific message from a marketing standpoint. It reflects the brand personality of the individual and the company and can include some of the textures and styles seen in your branding.

Even better, it can also include your own products in the custom photos–your stationery, coffee mugs, calligraphy items, even your own desk set-up. Because it’s all about you and your business. You get exactly what you want to serve your audience and your business.

How Does It Work?

Because the photos are customized to you, we would talk together about what you’re looking for and the props needed to create the images you want. We’ll talk about your business and how you want to use your photos so we can create a comprehensive shot list that I’ll use during the session.

If you’re local to Phoenix, I can visit your home or office to take the photos on-site. If you’re not local (or prefer for me to work in my own studio), you send me the props that you’d like included. I’ll set them up in my studio on flat lay boards and on backgrounds that match your brand.

Once the photos have been edited and approved, they’re yours to use as you wish. And no one else will have the same photos on their website or in their social posts. You’ll be the original you really are.

Custom stock photography is really the best of both worlds. You get the professional photos you need for your business, with the colors and branding you want–and can stand out from the crowd with original photography.


Questions or comments? Please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Email me at: info@crystalclearphotographyaz.com

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