Back to Mompreneur Reality (with an extra kid)

Going back to work as a mom of two (instead of just one) a few months ago was like joining the circus. It really, unexpectedly, threw me for a loop.

Sure, I have systems and workflows for my projects. And I have a ton of tech I use to help keep me organized. But I wasn’t expecting to feel so frazzled as I stepped out of maternity leave and back into client work.

Don’t get me wrong: I absolutely love what I do. But as a toddler and newborn, my two girls have very different needs and it’s been tough getting back in the groove.

First Things First

Since my life is now controlled by a newborn and a toddler–both of whom have their own schedules and their own ideas of when they should eat, sleep and play (and let’s not even talk about the pooping)–I had to start with figuring out how to work my schedule around theirs. I set up my new work schedule to be as structured as possible, while still allowing for some flexibility as needed.

I spend my mornings in my inbox, answering emails and responding to requests. The baby is with me all day, so I have an amazing nanny who helps out when I have to leave for a shoot. And when my husband gets home in the afternoons, I grab some quiet time to really focus on editing–without interruptions.

When the Balls Drop

Managing a business with two little ones has its challenges, and sometimes balls get dropped. I’m grateful that my clients understand that I’m still finding my way here, just as they’re finding their way too. And I’ve been learning to give myself grace for those things that I can’t control. Because as much as I’d like to be completely in control, I’m often not. Kids get sick, the nanny’s schedule doesn’t connect with mine, other interruptions come up. It happens, and I find that I have to go with the flow if I don’t want to get overwhelmed.

Making Room for Family

Of course, I’m here in business for myself because I want to make family a priority in my life. That means that I make it a point to include my toddler in some of my styled stock sessions when necessary. (I mean, have you met a three-year-old who doesn’t rock at throwing confetti!?) I can shoot these images anywhere with natural light and my living room has some killer windows.

And then, when it’s time to turn the computer off for the day, my family is there. I’m proud to be a working mom and grateful to have a business that allows me time with my kids. I want my girls to see their mom working hard, doing what she’s passionate about, while still having time at home to be the mom I always wanted to be.


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