Tips for taking better stock photos!

If you run a business with an online presence, you know that you need stock photos to help add a visual element to social media posts and blogs. They’re the attention-grabbers that get your audience to stop and take a look at what you’ve written.

But stock photos come with a price tag, especially those that are tailored to your brand.

There are a lot of photographers out there that offer styled stock photos for your business (myself included), but most business owners are busy investing in other parts of their businesses–website development, website copy, logos, etc.–especially in the early months and years.

So they try their hand at taking their own stock photos. While the images they create are custom, they’re just “okay, for now.” Why not improve on what you’re creating and develop stock photos that have the “wow” power you want? Here are some ways you can take better stock photos for your business:

Know Your Brand Colors

Your brand colors are part of what makes you and your business stand out. When you’re prepping for any stock photos, be sure they compliment your brand colors. But that doesn’t mean that your stock photos have to be entirely in those colors. If your colors are bright and bold, you may want to use a muted background so you can add text to the stock photos later.

Identify Signature Props

Stock photos are often flatlays, a flat board with a series of brand-specific props on top. Do you have something in your business that helps your audience to easily identify you? A keyboard for a writer, a calculator for a bookkeeper, a pair of glasses, a camera, you get the picture. While props don’t have to be expensive, I recommend investing in a few key items that you can use over and over again while changing up other elements in your photos. This makes your stock photos easily identifiable by your audience.

Use the Right Background

I like to use a white foam board when shooting flatlays for stock images, but you can also use a colored backdrop. You can paint or cover a white foam board to make it into anything you need. Just be careful it’s not so busy that you take away from the props you use or any text you plan to use after production.

Of course, taking stock photos that really speak to your audience and for your business takes practice. Don’t get discouraged if you’re not getting the images you love right away. Keep trying, and even invest in a course that can help. I have one coming up on Saturday, August 26 if you’re local to Phoenix. Check it out!


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