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Mompreneur, Part Eight

by | Aug 23, 2017 | MomBoss | 0 comments

Life is busy, whether you’re working from home, building an empire, working in a corporate setting or focusing on raising a family. But combine two or more of these and you’re bound to feel a little frazzled!

I’m in the frazzled boat some days, but I also have great systems in place so I don’t look as busy as I feel sometimes. Being Mom to a toddler and an infant has forced this hand a bit, but I also pride myself on being a systems-girl.

In addition to growing my business and being Mom, I also keep tabs on the goings-on at home. That includes scheduling doctor’s appointments, playing taxi driver and planning family vacations, all while implementing new programs into my business.

A lot of business owners use Trello to help keep track of those never-ending to-do lists–for work and for home. I use Trello, but for my day-to-day to-do’s, I prefer to see everything laid out right in front of me. (Trello’s boards tend to hide some of the text, making it not an ideal choice for me.)

Instead, I go old-school with my lists. I have a notebook where I jot down everything I need to get done in a day or a week, then cross it off when it’s done. And I always make sure my personal tasks are separated from my business-related items since I truly block my time to focus on one job or the other.

Since my husband’s schedule varies quite a bit, we have three calendars between us: one for me and my business, one for him and one for the family. We use Google so we can keep track of one another’s schedules and I know when I can count on him to take care of the kids so I can focus on work. One of the things I just love about Google is that I can select and deselect calendars based on what I want to look at.

Even better, our family Google calendar is tied to a family Gmail account. That’s what I use when paying bills and filling out paperwork. So anything relating to the family as a whole is always in one spot.

Of course, we also have our old-school wall calendar that we keep in our kitchen. This helps us to know at a quick glance what’s coming up while our digital calendars keep us informed while we’re on the road.

I hate sounding like the stereotypical working mom, but we all seem to have so much on our plates these days. I don’t like feeling rushed and frazzled, and my kids do much better when Mom and Dad have our heads on straight. Keeping organized and having a calendar and to-do system that works for my family is key to family bliss.

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