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Dressing for a Business Shoot – A Stylist’s Perspective

by | Aug 30, 2017 | Guest Blogs | 0 comments

Are you unsure of what to wear when getting photos or headshots taken for your business? Do you look in your closet and face the paralysis that comes with too many choices? Let me help you narrow down your options to take a curated set of clothes to your photo session to express you and your brand.


What message do you want to send?

How you dress directly relates to the message you send to others. Examples of style messaging include confident, pulled together, approachable, friendly, knowledgeable, creative, etc.  Your clothes including the fit, silhouette, colors, patterns and proportion all impact the message you send. Consider your job title and what images come to mind. Business coach vs. yoga teacher. Artist vs. financial professional.

For example, if you are a business coach, it’s important that you look professional and pulled together. Your outfit should not be distracting and should convey the message that you are approachable and successful. If you are an artist you want to be seen as creative and inspiring. It’s important to show a whimsical or softer silhouette versus the crisp silhouette of suit. If you want to be approachable, think about integrating color and patterns into your wardrobe.

Get inspired.

When I work with clients, they create Pinterest boards showing me the styles that they prefer and what resonates with them. We then discuss the style, color, accessories, etc. in the images to determine what is common among those images and therefore what they really like. If you don’t know where to start, start with Pinterest (or cutout pictures from magazines and do it hardcopy). Critically review the items you pinned and why. Then go to your closet and determine what you have in there that correlates with the images you pinned. Start to create outfits that align with the style you have identified with your style board.

Use color!

This is particularly important if you have a brand color or theme for your website or other business branding. Utilize those colors in what you wear and/or in your accessories (shoes, bags, ties, etc.) for your photos. This creates a cohesive message and helps people to remember YOU!.

If you don’t have specific brand colors, think about your favorite colors and review how they look on you. If you tend look better in warmer colors but your brand color is royal blue, look for warmer versions of blue such as teal or turquoise. Alternatively, consider using the royal blue in accessories only rather than in garments next to your skin. Be sure to incorporate your brand colors in your photoshoot.

Also, color helps distinguish you. Most people wear black, white and gray because they are easy but not memorable.

If this is too overwhelming a stylist can help break this down for you and help you create your signature look. Personal stylists work to bring what is inside to the outside so that you present your authentic self with confidence. A stylist can help you create clarity and understanding around the styles, colors and clothes that flatter you. Working with a stylist is particularly valuable if you are transitioning from one career to another or moving from corporate to starting your own business.

Find out more about Loren and how you can work with her at Through the Closet Door where she is focused on helping professional men and women improve their appearance.


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