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Where to Use Your Styled Stock Photos

by | Sep 6, 2017 | Styled Stock Photography | 0 comments

I recently held a workshop, teaching business owners in Phoenix how to style their own stock photos. There’s a big need for these original photos, if you want to stand out and get noticed by the people you want to work with. 

But once you style the perfect photo and take multiple shots from many different angles–what’s next? What do you do with these custom, branded images? 

So glad you asked! There’s countless ways to use those photos in your business. Let me share some of the most popular–and some ways you may not have thought of.

Most Common Uses of Styled Stock

  • Blog graphics – Your blog graphics should be branded so your posts are recognized immediately when you post them on social media. Using custom styled stock photos allows you to do just that, and add text to them so people know what they’re getting before they even click on your post.
  • Social media graphics – Whether it’s to draw attention to a long status update or to post an inspirational quote, styled stock photos work well on social media. Just be sure to shoot both vertically and horizontally so you can use the same set-up in multiple ways and on a variety of social platforms, since every platform seems to have different sizing rules (that change regularly)!
  • Website banner – If you tend to shy away from the camera yourself, a custom styled photo is a great way to bring imagery and story to your website. Just be sure to use a professional camera that takes high-resolution images. This is not something you’d want to use your iPhone for!

What You May Not Have Thought of

  • Call to Action Buttons – You know you need a call to action on nearly every page of your website. But rather than just link to text that tells readers to “buy now” or “check it out” or “find out more,” try something a little more creative. Use a custom stock photo to draw more attention to your calls to action! Simply crop a photo to fit the space, add text on top of it and set up the link. Voila! You have a call to action that will get clicked!
  • Navigation Buttons – Thinking about and analyzing how visitors navigate through your website helps improve user experience, making it easier for people to find what they’re looking for. Using images for navigation buttons helps certain pages stand out so they are more likely to be visited. Just be sure you don’t clutter up your website with too many buttons–only use your stock photos for the most important pages.
  • Print Materials – Just because we live in an online world doesn’t mean that print is dead. You need business cards and even brochures to have on-hand when you network in-person.Including your custom styled stock photos on your print materials ties them into your brand design so it’s cohesive no matter where you are.

It’s time to put away the overused desk shots and florals and start building your own library of custom styled stock photos. I offer consultations to help get you started on the right foot. Set up a free 15-minute call today to find out more!

Questions or comments? Please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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