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Mompreneur, Part Nine

by | Sep 13, 2017 | MomBoss | 0 comments

As a mom and wife, I don’t always get to work in my business when I want to. I have the kids most days and my husband is at work. Sure, I have a sitter for days when I have photo shoots scheduled, but aside from that I find myself working around my kids’ schedules.

That’s why communication between me and my husband is so important. Without it, I imagine that there would be a lot of arguments and hurt feelings in our house.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how we use and coordinate calendars in my house. But communication goes well beyond just syncing calendars.

Talking About Business Ownership

I’ve found that most spouses don’t totally understand the mindset behind business ownership, even though they see their other half go through it every day. My husband is no different. If I didn’t share my thoughts and feelings, he’d really have no idea what’s going through my head.

There are some tasks I can do with my kids around, like shooting styled stock photos. But other things, like editing photos, require quiet concentration. Just because I work from home doesn’t mean that I can work under any conditions.

My husband is really good about giving me the time and space I need to get things done that need a high level of my attention, but it took some time to get to that place. Blake works in commercial insurance, and he has to prepare presentations for high-level clients. In order to do his job well, he needs time to focus on the project. So when I explained why I needed time away from the kids to do my job effectively, I related my work to his so he could see my job from a different perspective.

This approach worked, and now we have great two-way communication about when I need support so I can grow my business.

Keeping the Family in Mind

Of course, my first priorities are my kids and our family unit. So when I dream up a new business idea or want to book a big, high-end client, I talk to Blake about it first. He’s my partner at home and in life and I value his input. 

Talking to someone else, particularly my husband, helps me brainstorm and plan out how much work I can take on and whether parts of my business are sustainable in the long run.

When I first started my business, Blake, like many spouses, was hesitant to jump on the entrepreneurial bandwagon. He was definitely a devil’s advocate when it came to leaving my day job and pursuing my business full time.

But the more we talked and the more I involved him in what I was doing, the more supportive he was. Eventually he saw what I already knew: I loved what I was doing and was much happier being my own boss.

There’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears that goes into running a business, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. And my husband knows that the more I grow, the happier I am–and I don’t think he’d have it any other way either.

If you’re trying to grow your own business, I encourage you to talk to someone–a spouse, girlfriend, parent or business coach. Having someone to cheer you on and support you (and even talk through questionable decisions) is a total game-changer.

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