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A Mompreneur Vacation: Not for the Faint of Heart

by | Oct 11, 2017 | MomBoss | 2 comments

Taking a vacation when you own your own business is tough. Taking a vacation when you own your own business and have both a toddler and infant is not for the faint of heart.

My husband, Blake, and I recently had the opportunity to travel to Lake Tahoe for a friend’s wedding. We were excited to go,but hesitant to leave the kids at home with Blake’s dad. We had every confidence that he and his girlfriend could handle them, but being away from your kids is hard, especially when one of them is so young.

Blake and I work hard to maintain our relationship. We know the importance of taking time away from the kids on date nights so we can talk about things other than who’s changing the next dirty diaper. But it’s also healthy for a relationship and the family unit to spend the night away from the kids. The kids need time with other family members and we need to get a little sleep from time to time!

We were ready for a break. And the wedding was the perfect opportunity.

While we were excited to get away, our trip was only about 48 hours. We were trying to stay within a budget, and we didn’t want to leave the kids for too long.

Blake’s company paid for his flight, so even though we were on a budget, we were able to splurge a bit while we were gone. We stayed at The Ritz, where the wedding was held, and enjoyed a mini spa day the day after the wedding.

In Phoenix, summer temperatures often last well into September, we were also able to enjoy some cooler weather–which meant time outdoors! We spent time with friends we rarely see, because we’re now spread out all over the West.

I admit that I checked in with Grandpa several times, and everything seemed to be going smoothly. Knowing that there weren’t any major issues helped put my mind at ease so I could enjoy my time that much more.

Coming back home wasn’t nearly as difficult as it was before we had kids. Blake and I both missed our girls, and they were happy to see us. And I think Blake’s dad and his girlfriend were ready to go back to their quiet, predictable lives. I’m not sure they expected all the chaos that comes from a toddler and an infant in the same house!

I loved my time away (and can’t wait to do it again), but coming home to extra snuggles was exactly what I needed.

How do you handle time away from your kids? Is it difficult, or are you usually ready for a break too? 

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  1. Janet Soriano

    Hi Crystal, I have a 5 month old and I run a web design business. Its kind of tough for me to even try to take a break from my regular hours because Im always home with the baby and every minute I got by myself I spend it on working on the business. Even while he’s sleeping. Next Week Im going on vacation to my home country and I’m taking the baby with me. Hopefully I’ll have a few days of rest over there because I’ll have my family close so they can take care of him. Thanks for your blog. It helps to know that I’m not the only one struggling through this.

  2. Crystal Hollman

    I’m so happy that my blog made a difference for you! It definitely can be a struggle, especially feeling like you’re the only one. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and leave me feedback. I hope your vacation to your home country goes smoothly and you get the rest every good Momma deserves!

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