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Biz Photos: Beyond Just a Headshot

by | Oct 18, 2017 | Business Portraits | 0 comments

Getting photos taken for your business should involve much more than a simple headshot. After all, your photos help to tell your story and represent you (and your personality) online.

You need to consider the tone of the images, how you want your audience to feel and how you’ll use the photos–before you even choose your photographer. But once you’ve chosen the perfect person to capture your photos, consider a few other elements before your shoot.

Show Your Personality

You’re going to want photos that show off your personality and the way you do business. Headshots are perfect for your LinkedIn profile, but not necessarily for your website banner or what you might use for a virtual summit or podcast interview. Give your photos some sass and style. Talk to your photographer about taking photos from different angles and with different expressions. I mean, who doesn’t love to see someone they want to hire laughing hysterically?

Pro Tip: Get to know your photographer before your shoot so you’re more comfortable in front of the camera.

Location Matters

At-your-desk photos are fine, but try to think outside the box too. If you meet with clients regularly, even if it’s virtually, head to a local coffee shop with comfy chairs to show off your relaxed side. Outdoors photos also work for those who want to portray a softer side. And edgy business owners can seek out a modern, high-tech environment for part of their shoot. Think of what your location says about you and your business and how your audience will feel when they see them.

Pro Tip: Check with your proposed location before arriving. There may be a fee involved in having photos taken on-site.

Mind What You Wear

What you wear and how you accessorize will tie the whole look together. Loren North of Through the Closet Door recently wrote about this very topic, noting that color plays a special role in photos. Make sure you’re memorable, but that your prints or colors aren’t so “loud” that they detract from the central focus–you. And be sure to take your location and background into account when choosing your outfits. Bring a few options with you so you can get your photographer’s feedback and have some variety in your final photos.

Pro Tip: There’s nothing wrong with jeans during a headshot or branding photo session, as long as it’s aligned with your brand and the audience you want to attract. On the same note, don’t overdress because you think that’s what professional photos need to look like.

Be sure you always have an updated headshot handy for promotional materials and social media. But don’t be afraid to go beyond the headshot and dive into your brand personality during your next photoshoot. You’ll be surprised at how much your audience will respond to seeing you when they look at your website! 

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