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by | Nov 8, 2017 | Business Ownership | 0 comments

Being a business owner can be difficult to navigate alone. Having a networking system or a business buddy can be beneficial in helping your business continue to grow. It helps to have others to bounce ideas off of, to learn from, to provide honest feedback, advice on new ventures, etc. This makes the business owning experience a little less stressful, and a lot more enjoyable.

When you have a business buddy or networking system, you can take your new ideas over to them. Together you can discuss the idea and weigh the pros and cons of it. Talking about ideas aloud helps to create a better vision of how the idea would work. Discussing ideas with a business buddy helps you gain new perspective. Perhaps they’ve heard the idea before, personally experienced failure with the idea, or know of positive outcomes from the idea.

Business buddies can also be like a teacher. Learn from those more experienced than you, with longer experience running their business. This is especially helpful when you find yourself and your business in a slump and need guidance on how to get out of it or when you need help launching a new idea but aren’t sure where to begin. In the same way having a business buddy can help you learn new things, you can also teach others from your experiences, as well. Like these blogs for instance!

The greatest, and perhaps most important, part of having a networking system or business buddy is the honest feedback. The purpose of this business relationship is to gain knowledge and honest feedback to help you grow as a professional and/or business owner. Finding someone you trust to be this person is essential to getting the honest feedback you’ll need throughout your professional and/or business owning career.

It may seem burdensome or difficult to find a business buddy or networking system, but as with everything else, it’s only a Google or reference away. Searching for local networking meetings related to small businesses or specifically your business services (like photography for me!) is a good way to start. Your business buddy can come from there or even be someone you already know. I personally love the Savvy Business Group. Its a great online networking group of like-minded women who are business owners. They fully support one another with great insight and resources. 

Business buddies and networking systems are a key part to growing your business and yourself and keeping your sanity as a business owner! Networking meetings, lunch meetings, phone meetings, all give you the opportunity to step back from your current situation, from your business, and refresh your outlook.

Here are a couple of other online networking groups I LOVE!:

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