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Brand Your Creative Self

by | Dec 6, 2017 | Business Ownership | 2 comments

It can be difficult to stand out in a crowd. In a creative field of work, like photography, it can be a challenge. This is how branding your creative self can help you overcome this challenge and rise above the crowds.

When talking about branding your creative self, what I mean is changing how you promote yourself, the consistency in your content, style, look, and of course, refreshing your content, or starting to put yourself and your business out there. To make yourself stand out, you’ll need to uniquely brand your creative self. Just as I’ve always said, consistency is the key component to growing your business and creating awareness of your business.

To start, branding your creative self and developing this brand over time requires whole-hearted dedication and painstaking patience. As a full-time creative, the same dedication, patience, persistence, and resilience is necessary to keep your business moving forward. In the midst of trying to brand your creative self, your path may seem unclear. However, it’s important to keep in mind that your brand is not set in stone from the get go.

Part of branding your creative self to be unique is allowing room for innovation and evolution in your brand. Over time as your business becomes more established you’ll feel more certainty and have more of a solid idea of your brand’s foundation. From there, keep confidence and growth at the forefront of your mind, and take a risk with new ideas, fresh perspectives, and unique branding opportunities.

How do you begin to brand your creative self? Build your website, have business cards made, hire a professional photographer to display your work, services, or business in general in a positive light. Create social media profiles on platforms relevant to your business. LinkedIn or Facebook for any and all small business or professionals; Instagram for the creative business that is more visual; Pinterest for creative small businesses that promote tutorials and how-to’s. Join a networking group or find a business buddy. All of these steps expand your opportunity to get in front of your target audience.

The only way to brand your creative self successfully is to be yourself. Allow all of the above steps to reflect who you are and what your business is. Measure your progress in branding your creative self by taking into account when your clients or customers come to your business or reach out to you in other ways, how they react to you. Your brand should allow your clients to feel as if they know you before they met you, as if your brand is an extension of you. Apple and Nike have branded themselves to make you feel comfortable buying their products; you want your creative small business’ brand to instill that same comfortability in your clients.

Branding your creative self is a process. As most of us know, Steve Jobs started out of his garage with a vague idea of his brand that eventually became the Apple we know and trust today. Whether your goal is to grow your small business to a larger business or to keep your business small with room for growth, remember to have patience, celebrate the small victories, and keep your brand consistent. With these things in mind, your journey to branding your creative self will be a little less bumpy!

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  1. Rachel Winter

    Crystal spoke at my NAPO-Arizona meeting (National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals) and I was so impressed with her speaking and her passion about her business that I am definitely going to hire her! Plus, I’ve heard amazing things about her from colleagues and really admire her work. Can’t wait to have you photograph me!

  2. Crystal Hollman

    I look forward to working with you! It was great to visit and meet so many of you wonderful people at the NAPO-Arizona meeting.

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