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Mompreneur to MomBoss

by | Jan 10, 2018 | MomBoss

Making the name change and here is why.

I started my Mompreneur blog series with the intention of relating to other women like myself. I’ve written these blogs as a way to share my struggles, experiences, and tips for how to get through your own. The response has grown and continues to grow and I’m truly grateful and astounded by the amount of positive feedback. However, I’ve realized that this blog is for more than just the Mompreneur; this blog is for the MomBoss.

In an effort to recognize this, I’ve decided that in the New Year, the Mompreneur blog series will be furthermore called the Momboss blog series.

Why MomBoss? Well, not everyone is an entrepreneur. But as moms, we’re all bosses in one form or another.  Whether that’s branching off to become part of a skin care or fitness organization’s team or taking charge as the boss of a volunteer group, you’re taking charge and taking names. You’re showing your boss skills at home, at work and in everything you do.

And from the feedback I’ve received from you, you relate to my anecdotes of motherhood and being in charge, whether you’re a business owner or not.

We’re the MomBosses who have worked our butts off to craft the perfect Halloween costumes and find the right candy to hand out on that scary night to shopping for the perfect holiday gifts and planning a family vacation to remember. All while running my business–nailing the marketing, shooting happy (and frazzled) families and delivering exactly what my clients want.

And maybe that’s not you, running your own business. But you’re still busy running the office at work and keeping everyone in line at home.

The common thread is this: Being a mom is tough and being a boss is tough; doing both feels impossible.

But it’s not impossible, and you’re not alone! So stop now, take a deep breath and tell yourself that you’re a badass who can handle it all. We all need a pep talk from time to time and we all need to be reminded that we’re not alone.

I can’t wait to continue sharing my journey as MomBoss with you in the new year. New blog series title (maybe a new look? *wink*), fresh perspective, but same Mompreneur you know and love behind every word!

And now? For me, it’s time to grab the headphones and head to the tub for a little bit of TLC. Okay, a tall glass of wine too! Let’s do this new year right!

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