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Stay Classy! (With Your Photos)

by | Feb 7, 2018 | Business Portraits

Keeping your images classy through the ever changing fads and trends.

If you’re online for any stretch of time, you’ve seen the trend in business photos: light, bright and over-exposed.

Don’t get me wrong, the images are beautiful. And likely completely on-brand for you as they are for me. But before you go all-in on your investment in stock and brand photos, take a minute to make sure they’re going to work for you in the long haul.

For you, the business owner, there’s nothing worse than paying for photos that have a short shelf life. And for your photographer, there’s nothing worse than creating beautiful images that you can’t or won’t use.

What’s Trendy Now

Take a look at some of the websites and Instagram feeds of others in your industry. If you’re in the online space, you’ll see a lot of:

  • Pastels
  • Whites
  • Gold
  • Glitter
  • Over-exposed shots
  • Bright and airy visuals

Not only do these go out of style quickly, but they also blend in with everyone else’s photos and posts. You don’t want to look like everyone else, do you?

Staying Classy (San Diego)

(Couldn’t help it.) I know it’s fun to keep up with the trends, but more classic photos are more usable in the long-term. Crisp and clean photos are more timeless and are often more appealing to more professional and bigger brands.

The key is to find the right photographer for your brand. When looking for a photographer to shoot classic images, take a close look at their portfolio. Look at the style of both images and editing.

Things like an blown out sky or super smooth skin is trendy right now and will eventually go away. Instead of Photoshop-heavy photos, look for a portfolio that’s filled with more natural shots. Enhancements can date the photo by relying on elements that are trendy. If you see a ton of editing in their photos, that photographer may not be for you. But have a conversation and ask questions about editing style and shot lists.

When curating images for seasonal posts, keep in mind that some greenery and flowers are only in season at certain times of the year. So if you’re shooting for summer in the spring, you won’t want to use tulips because they have a very short life and only bloom in the spring. Similarly with holiday photos–be sure the greens you’re using are actually in season for the season you plan to use the photos.

Two big considerations when creating and using photos for your business: what message are they sending about your business and how classic is the shot?

If you have any questions about whether your photos are outdated, be sure to reach out! And if you’re looking to create your own styled stock photos, be sure to check out my upcoming workshop if you’re in the Phoenix area!


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