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How to Get The Most of Your Images (in 5 easy ways!)

by | Feb 21, 2018 | Business Portraits

So you’ve had professional pictures taken of your business…but now what do you do with them?

Often, business owners can be so excited about the idea of a photoshoot that they forget to make a plan for the images once they arrive. If you’ve had professional photos taken of your business but don’t know what to do next, check out these five ideas for getting the most out of your images.

  1. Turn them into graphics

A picture is indeed worth a thousand words, and that worth can be doubled or even tripled when paired with a few well-placed bits of text. But what if you don’t know how to use Photoshop, or you don’t have the extra cash lying around for a subscription? Great news! You can check out one of the many free content creation apps that exist online.

My go-to graphic creator, Canva, has both a desktop and mobile app making it easy to create graphics on the fly. Canva is full of templates and design options sized for every form of social media, making it a perfect tool for graphic creators. I even did a video, for beginners, on how to make graphics using your images. 

  1. Use them across all of your social media platforms

Using the same or similar images across all social media platforms creates a sense of consistency that builds a brand. I might post a picture of my camera on Instagram on Monday to share what’s in my travel bag. Then on Wednesday, I could post the same image on Facebook to start a conversation about the best camera models. On Friday, I could take it over to Twitter to advertise a recent blog post about properly cleaning a camera. Get the most out of your images by using them everywhere and often.

  1. Add them to your website, blog and email

Build consistency between your website, email and social media accounts by using your images throughout, especially images of YOU! What impression do you want users to have of you? Convey that through the pictures you share with them. If you had a fun photo

taken under a shower of confetti, send that image out in a Happy New Year’s email or post it on your website sharing the new and exciting things you will be offering this year.

  1. Use them in your printouts and marketing materials

While text-heavy fliers can overwhelm the receiver and business cards are a dime a dozen, beautiful, eye-catching print materials can work wonders for your business. Using your images and being picky about the text you choose to include can turn a business card into a memorable piece of marketing.

When attending events and tradeshows, I always carry marketing cards with my photo and contact information on them. Well-made marketing materials containing beautiful images are one of the best ways to stand out from the competition.

  1. RE-use them!

Just because you’ve used an image recently on one of your social media platforms doesn’t mean it has to be sent to photo jail only to be released once everyone who has seen the picture forgets its existence. You can use the same image across several different platforms, in the form of several different graphics, delivering several different messages. Get creative, and don’t be afraid to reuse!

By implementing these five strategies in approaching the images for your business, you can get the most bang for your buck and build a brand that attracts the eyes of clients, both returning and brand new!


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