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My Favorite Business Influencers

by | Mar 28, 2018 | Business Ownership

We are all influenced by the people and businesses around us. Some impact us more than we know. Here are the ones that impact the Crystal Clear Photography brand!

My Favorite Influencers Right Now

  1. Heather Crabtree

This lawyer turned event planner turned business mentor for women is currently my number one influencer. She and I share a passion for helping entrepreneurs to put their best foot forward, but the similarities don’t end there. She is also a Phoenix local and a cancer mom. When we first met, we discovered that our daughters go to the same hospital for treatments, and after talking to her about balancing work and this heavy load, she encouraged me to share more of myself – struggles and all – in my work. I joined her online mastermind group where she challenged me to open up, be myself and be more transparent about my emotions and personality. She is my top influencer because of the incredible impact she has made on my business, as well as my personal life, this year.

  1. Joanna Gaines

Let’s be honest…who isn’t influenced by this Waco legend these days? Owner of the home and garden company, Magnolia, and beloved HGTV personality, Joanna Gaines has filled our hearts with a renewed love of family, hard work and shiplap. She’s a supermom of four, with a fifth on the way, and a kind-to-the-core real person. I find her most inspiring because she openly shares her struggles and her decision to place family first, inviting them into her work, rather than distancing herself from them to get a job done. She has reinvigorated my love for that sweet and simple farmhouse style, filled with wood and flowers, which has profoundly influenced my stock photo style. She is a worthy role model in business and in life.

  1. Shay Cochrane

Like me, the owner of SC Stockshop has a love for optimistic branding and cheerful stock photo photography. Also like me, she didn’t get her start in the stock photo industry. I began as a family photographer and transitioned to businesses and branding, while she started as a wedding photographer who moved into stock photography full time, and has since made a colossal splash in the industry. Well known for the impact she made on the industry by offering photo packages to business, she has inspired me to keep pushing for excellence in my work. But even more so her open conversations about faith, motherhood and healthy living have stirred in me a desire to live a more intentional life.

  1. Julie Solomon

This true mom boss and sharer of knowledge is a model for audience engagement and genuine passion for those she reaches. As a branding consultant and host of The Influencer Podcast, she shares her expertise on the changes in social media, marketing and how to make a bigger splash as an influencer online, teaching others how to increase their following and online visibility. Her responsiveness also infinitely inspires me. Despite what I’m sure is a very full schedule, she is never too busy to respond to questions, a quality which I strive to embody myself. Armed with a fantastic personality and the skills to elevate any brand, she has not only given me the information I need to continue growing my own business but also modeled what an online personality should be.

With the motivation of inspiration of these four amazing women, I have been able to make leaps and bounds forward in my business. I highly encourage you to check them out as well, and let me know which has the most significant impact on you!


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