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How To Train Yourself To Not Be Overwhelmed

by | Oct 3, 2018 | How To and Tips | 0 comments

Setting boundaries and having a work schedule are just a few things you can do for avoiding overwhelm, but sometimes we need more than just that!

I’m chatting about how to handle being overwhelmed. As moms and business owners, things can often feel overwhelming and stressful.

Let’s bring things back to reality. You likely have more to do than you can feasibly get done every day and that’s what’s causing you to feel overwhelmed. I’m sharing my tips for how to beat that overwhelm.

My top tips for not feeling overwhelmed

My first step, let’s do a brain dump. Often we have so many things on our mind and just getting them out of our head is a great first step. I keep a journal on hand to just jot down all my thoughts onto paper to get them out of my head. This helps me to actually relax and be productive.

My second tip, decide on the top 5 tasks that you want to focus on each day. Whether those things are clean up items, items to keep the income coming, or to organize yourself in your business. By focusing on only 5 things each day, it helps to reduce the overwhelm. Additionally, as things pop-up (such as a kiddo getting sick), you’ll be able to give that your full attention and then when you’re able to jump back into work, you’ll know just where to start.

My third tip, try scheduling things out in advance. Even just taking it 5 days at a time – chose five things to focus on each day. For example, on Mondays, I focus on marketing. Then I list each of my priorities for all the other days. This helps me to focus on what really needs to get down on a weekly basis.

Finally, take those big projects you have and break them down into smaller tasks and put those on your calendar. By planning things out in bite-size chunks before the full project is due, you’ll be able to accomplish a little at a time and avoid the overwhelm when it’s due.

Additionally, setting boundaries can be key. Since we often work from home, it can be hard to set boundaries for when you’re working. But I’ve stopped working all the time. For example, I don’t sit on my laptop all weekend long. Instead, I sometimes give myself one weekend a month for work and the others I spend with my family. It was hard initially, but now I’m starting to get into the rhythm. And you know what? People actually really respect your boundaries when you set them.

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