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Respecting Time, Money, and Boundaries

by | Oct 16, 2018 | Business Ownership | 0 comments

Set your business up for success by setting expectations with your clients. While it may feel like awkward conversations, it’s the best way to make sure everyone feels respected when working together.

I’m sharing the importance of respecting time, money, and boundaries in your business.

Time. One big way to honor and respect both your time and your clients time is to show up to meetings and commitments on time. This helps to demonstrate that you’re serious about your work, but it also sets the expectation for your clients. If you’re always running late to meetings with a client, they will have the impression that it’s okay for them to do the same to you. Additionally, setting a work schedule and communicating that to the client can be highly beneficial. Let your clients know when and how they can best contact you. Once you’ve set these expectations, you’ll feel less committed to answering that email that comes in at 10 pm, because you’ve already let them know that’s outside of your working hours.

Money. This can be a hard topic to discuss, but discussing it early on with clients can help reduce confusion and upset down the line. Let your clients know what you expect things to cost and if there will be variables. For example, in my business, if I’m doing flat lay photography and a client requests certain props, I let them know that that will cost them extra. I outline that ahead of time so they know what to expect. This is where contracts can come into play. When I started my business I was nervous to use contracts and wondered what other people might think, but it is a really good way to outline and make costs clear to a client, which is beneficial to you both.

Boundaries. We’ve sort of touched on the topic of boundaries above. But by setting boundaries with your clients, you’re letting them know how you can best work together. When there are so many ways to communicate, it can feel like things are coming from you from every direction. Let your clients know if it’s okay to text you, or if they should stick to email. Let prospective clients know if you’re okay with communicating via direct message or if you prefer email or phone calls. Setting these expectations and boundaries will help you to feel happier and less overwhelmed in your business.

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