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Why Most Clients Choose Custom Stock Photography

by | Oct 23, 2018 | Styled Stock Photography | 0 comments

I’m sharing the pros of custom stock photography and how it can benefit you and your business. Hint: there are a lot of pros! Watch the video below or read the blog below for my tips.

Many small business owners decide to use custom stock photography when they realize that custom stock shops don’t perfectly fit their business.

In order to grow their businesses, they often want photos that are curated specifically for them. When you get custom photos, you’re able to add items to your photos that are tailored to your brand and style. Ultimately, you’re able to have more control.

What are the pros of seeking out custom stock photography and how can it help you build your business?

Consistency! By using custom stock photography, you’ll be able to have images that have a certain look and style that are consistent over time and across platforms. Take your personality and inject it into your stock photos. People will then come to expect certain photos from you and will be able to start identifying your brand.

No one else will have those photos. If you’re using generic stock photos, you’ll likely see those images other places online. Additionally, you’re able to have more control over what products or items you have in your business. If there are certain items or colors you do or do not want in your photos, you’ll be able to communicate that to your photographer.

However, one of the cons of custom stock photography can be the investment. While you’ll definitely recoup that value in your brand, you’ll want to make sure you’re at a place in your business to make that investment.

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