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New Ideas for Your Stock Photography
By Crystal Hollman  /  February 14, 2019
Create Your Ideal Instagram Feed
By Crystal Hollman  /  January 31, 2019
Welcome to My Vlog
By Crystal Hollman  /  December 27, 2018

Welcome to the blog vault! Here on the blog I strive to support you and your business with tips, how to’s and advice to help you improve and elevate your brand image. Click below to read or listen in on a variety of topics tailored to tackle your pain points.

I Quit 10 Times!

The Blog   The Blog           Feeling overwhelmed in your business and like you're ready to quit! Don't worry you're not alone - I've been there numerous times. Check out my four tips I use to help when I feel this...

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The Ultimate List of IG Tools + Resources

The Blog   The Blog           I'm sharing my favorite photo editing apps, hashtag finders, and some of my favorite ideas for photos and captions. Watch below! It can be difficult to stand out in a crowd. In a creative...

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Respecting Time, Money, and Boundaries

The Blog The Blog Set your business up for success by setting expectations with your clients. While it may feel like awkward conversations, it's the best way to make sure everyone feels respected when working together. It can be difficult to stand...

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How To Train Yourself To Not Be Overwhelmed

The Blog   The Blog         Setting boundaries and having a work schedule are just a few things you can do for avoiding overwhelm, but sometimes we need more than just that! It can be difficult to stand out in a crowd. In a...

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Cancer Mom Burden: Coming Full Circle

The Blog   The Blog     If I close my eyes, I’m there in the hospital; nerves, pressure, anxiety all mounting. This is what we’ve been building up to. Not just over the last few months but over the last nearly four years. I wasn’t prepared for the...

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My Top Business Tips for You!

The Blog   The Blog     Each year we grow and redefine our businesses based on the industry and client needs. I, too, have made some adjustments to the way I do things and wanted to share what I've learned. Use quick tools even if they’re not your...

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Social Media: The Great Distraction

As a business owner, sometimes it’s important to avoid social media. Before you object, it’s not what you think! I wanted to write this to discuss the opposing effects of social media as a distraction.

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MomBoss: Time Management IS Achievable!

The Blog   The Blog     How many times do you find yourself saying “there’s just not enough time in the day?” I do ALL the time. How the heck do you manage your time when you’re a mom AND a boss? There are a billion different tools and ways to use them....

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My Favorite Business Influencers

The Blog   The Blog     We are all influenced by the people and businesses around us. Some impact us more than we know. Here are the ones that impact the Crystal Clear Photography brand! My Favorite Influencers Right Now Heather Crabtree This lawyer...

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MomBoss: Cancer Mom

The Blog   The Blog     Handling the scary parts of being a #cancermom. Handling the scary parts of being a #cancermom. When I found myself singing “Let it Go” without any children in the car demanding the song, I began to question my future. In all...

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