Let’s Get It Together, Girl.

Let’s Get It Together, Girl.

Strategy Sessions for the Creative Business Owner

As a Business Owner and a Mom I understand juggling multiple things at once. This is why being efficient and proactive in your business is a MUST! My strategy sessions are designed to help you in these 4 key areas and then some:


Let me be your Biz Bestie who will teach you the basic fundamentals for starting a business, develop new ideas, marketing yourself or your product and more. I learned a few things the hard way, that doesn’t mean you have to! 


Helping you get honest feedback! How many times have you wondered if an idea or marketing tactic was really a good one? Talk to me in confidence knowing that you will get feedback, perspective and options to help you make the right decision, the first time.



Do you day dream? Well don’t let your business become a day dream. Losing your drive and not taking action is the ultimate business downer. Let’s lay out a plan of action to ensure you see success, market the right way, gain new clients and business stability.


Hey, what’s action without accountability?! Being a business owner allows lots of flexibility so it’s up to you to hold yourself accountable for getting things done.  Sometimes you need someone to call you out or push you forward and that’s where I step in.

Biz Besties Strategy Sessions


Come partner with your favorite Biz Bestie and learn about my business strategies, growth, content planning, and more!

Expand your skills and let me help you get your business started. Am I a business coach? Nope! I am a strategist and accountability partner here to help you just like my biz besties help me.

Virtual Sessions start at $60 1 hour or book 4 hours for $200. How is this different from a mentorship? Sometimes you just need a kickstart, a safe place to run your ideas and get feedback or input on your strategy and changes. That’s where I step in!

Not sure if this is for you? Let’s do a FREE 15 minute consult to get to know one another better.


Let’s get started!

Here’s some love from some of my business besties!!


Crystal is such an amazing and patient person. I have learned a tremendous amount of information from attending her workshops, reading her newsletters, and my one on one mentoring session. I feel so lucky to have stumbled across this local gem! I cannot wait to work with her again and highly recommend all of her services to anyone looking to better represent their brand and business online and off-line. 

~ Lydia, Butter Depot

Crystal has been instrumental in helping me in my business. I actually consider her a business bestie of mine. When I call her with a question or concern she is so helpful and guides me in the right direction. Whether it be what type of form should I use such as a contract or how to handle a client situation she always has a solution for me. Sometimes it might be just venting on the everyday life of balancing a business with being a mom, Crystal is always an amazing sounding board. I would highly recommend using her for any business questions you might have or if you need a business bestie!

~ Melissa, Makeup by Mela

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