Photography Mentoring for Your Business

Photoraphy Mentoring for Your Business

As both a photographer and a business owner, I understand the desire to be a jack of all trades within your business or even just perfecting your image. I help support you in your creative journey while teaching you how to focus on the things that are important:


Learn my basic fundamentals from lighting, setup and a few tools to step up your marketing and photography game. I shoot from my home, a studio, restaurants and more. Knowing these basics will help you do the same.


Learn to develop your own style. When working with me you get a chance to tap into your intuition and what you really want your images to look like, what fits your personality, your business, and your ideal audience. Once you’ve tapped into your style you then see how you can apply it to your photographs.


Adding some personality to your photographs is important. Is your online personality fun and playful, moody and dark or serious and conservative? Do you like lots of colors, white or just pastels? What props, accents or things you choose to photograph should reflect your personality. Tapping into what you really like and what resonates with your ideal audience makes it easier to photograph your images.


Finding ways to photograph your products in a unique manner while adding that WOW factor is a must. When we work side by side you will get to learn positioning, how to add props to style with your product and to tie it all in with the story of your image.

1:1 Mentoring Sessions


My 1:1 mentoring sessions are 2 hours long. With that, you get to do a 30-minute consult call to discuss your ideas and what you’re trying to achieve prior to meeting so we can plan ahead. Then you have the 2 hours to shoot alongside myself while I will help you with props, styling tips and tricks to achieve the look you want. Post our session together and you also get 2 weeks worth of follow up and advice on your images and how to use them.


You get all of that for $389.


Ready to get started?

Looking for more Strategy, Planning or Marketing more than Photography?

Don’t worry! I’ve got you covered there, too. Come partner with your favorite Business Bestie and learn about my business strategies, growth, content planning, and more! Expand your skills and let me help you get your business started.

Need more? Make sure you check out my workshops. The workshops are a great first step to learning and getting your feet wet in product and style photography.

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